Helping digital marketers succeed

by creating smarter results

Helping digital marketers succeed by creating smarter results

Why we exist We help digital marketers succeed by creating smarter results. How do we do this? We...

Your Chance to win an Apple Watch

Tradedoubler are offering you the chance to win an Apple Watch when you visit us in the Meeting...

Tradedoubler Strategy video

Connected consumers, disconnected solutions – Performance marketing at a crossroads

This short paper outlines some of the trends that are shaping the digital marketing landscape and what they mean for the future. Performance marketing, for long just a component of the system, has a vital role to play in the future of digital marketing. Its foundations in technology, quality of traffic and end-to-end tracking make it ideally placed to act as a springboard for industry-wide integration and innovation.

Mobile shopping 2014 the rise of the omniconsumer

The boundaries between devices and between on and offline activities and between different sales...

Performance Fashion: Fashion & trends in online retailing

Tradedoubler reveals how the traditional fashion purchase journey has been blown apart by a combination of digital media and constrained shopping budgets. Over half (52%) of European fashion shoppers now frequently buy fashion online.

Performance Travel: Travellers & purchase paths

More than half of European holidaymakers are turning to online and mobile Performance Marketing channels to help them design and buy their dream holiday – at the best possible price. So says the latest study commissioned by the Tradedoubler Insight Unit, Performance Marketing: Travellers & Purchase Paths.

Performance Mobile

Consumers experience of the internet is increasingly a mobile one, and consumers’ most intimate device exerts a powerful influence throughout the purchase journey. We look at the challenges and opportunities that mobile represents for the affiliate marketing model.

Performance Marketing: From first impression to last click

This whitepaper is an essential read for marketers - it provides a revealing snapshot of how consumer buying behavior has been disrupted by Performance Marketing channels and widespread smartphone use. It will provide marketers with insights into the defensive and offensive strategies that they need to consider if they are to remain relevant in the multi-channel purchase journey.

Understanding mobile consumer behaviour

When considering a mobile affiliate marketing strategy, the requirement is growing for merchants to take a seamless approach across all channels through which mobile consumers choose to convert.Our White paper demonstrates that the key to success for mobile affiliate marketing is to adopt a multi-device approach, as consumer engagement and the mobile purchase journey vary considerably depending on mobile device.

Connect 2012

Video presentations and interviews from Connect 2012 Adapt and thrive — where next for performanc...

Shopping on mobile

In the age of the smartphone, brands and retailers cannot succeed without persuading mobile...

Mobile research

More than 50% of mobile users who have ever completed a purchase using their phone now do so ever...

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