Video presentations and interviews

Opening speech - Dan Cohen, Managing Director, Tradedoubler

Q&A: Dan Cohen speaks about about the structure of Tradedoubler 2012 and where the company and the affiliate marketing industry will be a year from now. 

The millenial generation

Q&A: Paul Flatters, Chief Executive of the Trajectory Partnership, talks more about the millenial generation and discusses the economic growth for the future.

Diversifying publisher traffic

Evolving the affiliate model for today's clients

Q&A: Watch Michael Brandy's, Head of Technology for UK & Ireland, interview about publisher innovation, maturity within the sector and the biggest performance growth driver for the year ahead. 

Tales of the digitally unexpected

Closing remarks

Q&A: Rob Wilson, Tradedoubler's new President and CEO, talk about his new role and the company's expansion into Latin America.

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