What’s in Store for Performance Marketing in 2013?

posted by Dan Cohen - Regional Director09 Jan 2013

Earlier this week, I kicked off 2013 with my thoughts on the key trends in Performance Marketing, focusing on mobile affiliate marketing; personalisation and multi-channel marketing.   Today, I put three more trends under the spotlight, which I believe will impact the sector. Do you agree?

1.     Social media will drive peer-to-peer marketing – For marketers, social media has become a platform for ‘consumer-to-consumer’ marketing. In 2013 more marketers will look to embrace this and encourage consumers to act as ambassadors for their brand or product. One way of achieving this is by making consumers ‘micro-affiliates’ and rewarding them for sales and leads. To protect brand reputation, any such move should be handled and presented with absolute transparency.

2.     Data privacy, security and regulation will remain key – Legislation around data protection and privacy is increasing.  Our own research shows that consumers care deeply about data privacy and information security, and these are issues that marketers need to be seen to understand and respect.  In performance marketing terms this means ensuring affiliate partners are reputable and that the network technology has the necessary safeguards in place.

3.     Brand reputation and loyalty will underpin marketing success – Consumers are increasingly looking for an emotional connection with their favourite brands.  In terms of performance marketing this translates into a need to be more selective when choosing affiliate partners, focusing on those that best match the brand’s values and aspirations.  A well-established affiliate network can really help here.

I hope you have enjoyed this latest post and that you’ll join me for my last look into the Performance Marketing crystal ball in the next few days.


Dan Cohen

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