We have just launched Automated Ad Codes, helping to get ads live and optimised on your publisher site within just a few minutes!

posted by Sarah Spencer - Network Comms Manager20 Apr 2012

Dear Publisher,

Automated ad codes is a great new technology from Tradedoubler that makes it easier than ever to earn money from affiliate marketing – and can get ads live on your site within just a few minutes making it easier than ever to earn money from affiliate marketing.

With automated ad codes, there’s no need to spend time deciding which affiliate programmes to apply to, or waiting for your site to be approved. Simply connect to all of our open affiliate programmes, then add your code to your website and you can have ads running on your site within minutes.

You’ll decide which ad format you would like to run – and where on your pages you would like it to appear. We’ll take care of everything else: choosing the best-performing ads, running creative that fits your site and making sure your ads are up-to-date. We’ll also take care of monitoring performance and optimizing the ads that we run on your site to earn you the highest-possible commission.

All of this won’t cost you a thing. You’ll earn the same rate of commission that you would if you managed your affiliate activity yourself – you will just have a lot less work to do. And you’ll be able to keep track of just how much revenue you are earning through the TradeDoubler Publisher Interface.

For more information on getting started with automated ad codes log onto http://www.tradedoubler.com – or contact us at support.uk@tradedoubler.com or give us a call on +44 (0) 8458 945 128 How ad codes make earning commission easy:

*Visit http://www.tradedoubler.com and use Auto Connect to confirm that you want to connect to all open affiliate programmes, then generate an ad code (this only takes a few seconds)

1. Add the code to your site and we will start serving ads straight away – you don’t have to wait for approvals or apply for specific programmes 

2. We’ll automatically serve ads that fit the content of your site, meaning stronger performance and more commission

3. You choose the format of ads that you want to run – and where on the site they are positioned

4. Once you’ve added the code to your site, you can sit back and track the revenue you are earning through the Publisher Interface. We’ll take care of everything else.

 Many Thanks,

Sarah Spencer

Network Communication Manager

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