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posted by Dan Cohen - Regional Director02 Dec 2013

Following the successful launch of Tradedoubler Voucher & Promotions Codes last year we have now launched a new integrated feature – Tradedoubler Voucher Code Tracking .   One of the main challenges with voucher code campaigns are unauthorised publishers using exclusive voucher codes, so how did we go about creating a solution that prevented this? 

Exclusive codes are validated

Firstly, we have automated the assignment of a Publisher’s commission; this means less administrative work for our advertisers, greater accuracy, and less opportunity for fraud.

A new validation check will be performed every time a voucher code sale is reported to Tradedoubler – verifying if the code is exclusive or not. The sale and commission will be attributed automatically to the publisher that was allocated the exclusive code, even if another publisher drove the consumer to the advertiser site, to complete the sales. The new validation check will remove all incentives to steal voucher codes protecting the revenue of entitled publishers. 

Offline marketing tracked and reported online 

Secondly, we’ve implemented a new method into our tracking platform explicitly for the tracking of voucher codes. We can now track the voucher sales fully from offline to online, to open up a broader range of media opportunities for advertisers.

The tracking system will check if the voucher code is exclusive if all other standard tracking methods fail for tracking a voucher sale. The commission will be attributed to the publisher that has been allocated the exclusive code in the system. This means that the sale can be tracked on the voucher code redeemed at the point of use - independently from a click between the publisher and the advertiser site. Publishers can now promote exclusive codes offline (TV, Print, SMS, etc.) and get paid commissions when the exclusive codes are redeemed online.

How it works…

In short, this is how it works: 

  • The exclusive voucher code is registered in the system listing the entitled publisher site.
  • The advertiser then reports the used voucher code at checkout to Tradedoubler.
  • Voucher Code Tracking manages the rest automatically. Simple! 

Take a look at the Tradedoubler info-graphic  to see how Voucher Code Tracking works.

Try it now!

The first advertisers to have implemented Voucher Code Tracking in the UK are: Body Shop, Dell and Panda Security . Log in to your Tradedoubler account  and review their programmes.

If you would like to find out how performance marketing and Voucher Code Tracking can potentially benefit you, please contact your Account Manager or our sales team.

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