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posted by Juliana Faustino - Account Manager29 Apr 2014

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We are happy to announce that Unisport has launched on Tradedoubler. Unisport is the largest online football shop in Scandinavia. Sign up today and you will receive 10% of the order value for each sale. Also you will find product feed in the program.

Please note: Cash-back/point-sites are NOT allowed.

There is a closed keyword policy on Unisportstore.com

Unisport – an attractive affiliate programme!

Unisport is Scandinavia’s largest online football shop. With more than 15 years experience, Unisport is a strong name in Scandinavia and is rapidly expanding.

As the largest online football shop in Scandinavia, Unisport is very much winning awareness in the minds of the consumers, as their product range, competitive prices and fast delivery are compelling factors even with the most demanding consumer.

Although Unisportstore is primarily a football business, they also have numerous products that appeal to a lot of other sports, as well as the sports-leisure segment, which includes apparel that may also be used for everyday purposes.

With more then 15 years of experience within the sports business and more than 8 years as an online web-shop, the Unisport brand has become strong enough to be used as a general reference point both for consumers and sports stores (in our key markets).

These factors make Unisport a highly attractive affiliate programme, which will add trustworthiness, as well as sales to your site.

An active, updated programme

As Unisport have their very own graphic department they will always have updated banners that display the latest, best and hottest products. No matter if this may be a World Cup football shirt, a football boot from Nike or exclusive equipment for the demanding footballer.

In addition, Unisport roll out regular campaigns, such as January sale, big tournaments and Christmas, which would be annual time periods where you, as an affiliate, will be able to be extra active and increase the earning.

You will have the option to use Unisport's successful text links in your stories, where experience and statistics show that it will increase sales and complement the banners really well.

Furthermore, you will be able to receive product feed, and display the products on your site, hereby shortening the way to a sale for the visitor.

The opportunities are a plenty and Unisport are very much dedicated to giving their affiliates the best conditions for increased earnings with their programme. Feel free to contact TradeDoubler, if you have any questions or ideas for the Unisportstore affiliate programme.

It's simple and it's free

It is absolutely free to join in. Instead, Unisport will pay you money for your efforts.

What do I need to do?

All you have to do is to sign up for TradeDoubler. You will get a link and a banner from TradeDoubler, which you will need to place on your website. It doesn't get any easier! The more visitors you can lead to www.unisportstore.com, the more money you will be able to make.

What are your profit options?

Unisportstore can offer affiliates 10% per sale. 

What do I need to do?

Sign up for Unisportstore.com from your interface, and become an affiliate for a programme that strives to keep itself attractive and updated.

Welcome to the Unisportstore affiliate programme!

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