Tradedoubler launches new Mobile Reporting Suite!

posted by Marie Dalton - Head of European Marketing27 Feb 2014

Want to know more about Mobile?

Tradedoubler is excited to inform you of our new Mobile Reporting Suite – which for the first time gives Advertisers and Publishers access to a wealth of information about their users mobile behaviour. 

The new reports allow Publishers to see:

  • The number of mobile sales by device – to work out where to optimise your traffic.
  • Top Mobile Advertisers – and how they perform across device.
  • Mobile sales in relation to desktop – and what products are being bought in comparison.

The new reports allow Advertisers to:

  • Understand how mobile affiliates and sales fit into your channel mix.
  • View top Mobile Publishers and therefore run optimised mobile affiliate campaigns.
  • How different mobile operators, devices and browsers affect your sales and therefore optimise your activity.

“Mobile is a key driver of traffic for advertisers and publishers and we’re really pleased to offer this level of insight to our clients. This further cements Tradedoubler’s position at the forefront of performance marketing and highlights the strength of our mobile offering” says Dan Cohen, Regional Director of Tradedoubler.

To find out more about these exciting developments and what it will mean for you, please get contact your Account or Publisher Manager.

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