Tradedoubler is first major brand to implement In-App tracking

posted by TradedoublerUK23 Jul 2013

Performance marketing app solution 

Mobile channels are transforming the consumer’s shopping experience, as consumers are increasingly turning to their smartphones and tablets during their user journey to conversion. That shift has resulted in rapidly increasing mobile traffic and sales within the Tradedoubler network.  Performance marketing sites and apps play a key role for those who purchase online through mobile devices. That’s why Tradedoubler’s app marketing solution has expanded the performance marketing model to the app space.

In-app tracking of leads and sales

Transactional apps are now a standard element of affiliate programmes. Tradedoubler’s new solution can drive traffic from publisher sites and apps to the advertiser app if already installed on the consumer’s mobile device - generating in-app conversions and maximising app revenues. We can track the leads and sales wherever the consumer choses to convert: a desktop site, mobile site or app. The publisher that generated the last click will be remunerated on CPL or CPA basis.

App download tracking and value of downloads

Tradedoubler’s updated tracking features include app download tracking feature to  give advertisers the opportunity to drive app downloads and track the value of the post-download events. Post-download events are defined by the advertiser and could, for example, include in-app purchases, the times an app is opened, game achievement or registration for a service. The publisher that generated the download will be remunerated on a CPI (Cost-Per-Install) or/and a CPA model for in-app events. 

Tradedoubler can maximise your ROI

Tradedoubler can help you activate customers to re-engage with your app and optimise your performance marketing app activity. By identifying the best traffic sources and adjusting your app download activities accordingly, we  can help you to attract quality users to download and engage with your app. Publishers can gain commissions from app downloads as well as from post-download user engagement.There is no doubt that mobile is changing the performance marketing landscape. Tradedoubler can help you optimise your app marketing campaigns and align them with your overall performance marketing activities. We pioneered  app performance marketing among affiliate networks and have the expertise to help you. 

If you would like to find out how app performance marketing could potentially benefit you, please contact our mobile team

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