Top 10 Performance Marketing Technologies for 2013 - Part One

posted by TradedoublerUK16 Jan 2013

After a phenomenally exciting and volatile 2012, it’s clear that 2013 is off to an equally unpredictable start.  But in a brave attempt to look into the future, I’m taking a look at which marketing technologies, companies and trends I believe we’ll surely see more of over the next 12 months.   With a long list of 10 – here are the first three for your consideration!

The exponential rise in tablet and smartphone ownership over the past 18 months has led to a dramatic change in the way that consumers research and purchase products. According to The New Multi-Screen World study commissioned by Google in 2012, 67% of people have used multiple devices sequentially to shop online.

As the number of devices used in the average household increases, traditional tracking methods stand to become increasingly obsolete. As performance marketers, we all want to ensure our valuable marketing pounds are getting a good ROI – and assuming that the consumer-journey will take place on one device may be convenient, but it simply isn’t likely.

This is where device-bridging comes in. One of the first companies to really explore this area is Drawbridge. In their own words, Drawbridge uses an algorithm that ‘estimates the probability that an arbitrary desktop cookie (from a browser on a desktop or laptop) and a mobile cookie (from a mobile browser or in app) belong to the same user’.

Use this data correctly and you not only have a much more accurate picture of consumer behaviour, but you open up a whole new world of possibilities for multi-device marketing.

Everyone is familiar with the high Click-Through-Rates and Conversion Rates that retargeting can offer but towards the end of 2012, we have started to see several companies that specialise in this area branching out into pre-targeting. Whether or not this technology can produce the same volume and CPA performance as its older sibling remains to be seen, but the fact that pretargeting can be used by advertisers to target consumers that might not have previously even considered their brand makes it potentially more valuable. Pre-targeting by myThings is the first-of-its-kind display acquisition solution that leverages visual recognition data to decipher a user's explicit shopping intent. Targeting only quality, in-market users and engaging them with intent-driven banners, pretargeting serves as a powerful new addition to merchants' performance marketing toolbox. As Benny Arbel, CEO of myThings states: "Personalised retargeting has been proven to be one of the best performance marketing options in the market. To further boost scale, going up the funnel to acquire new users is vital and that's where pretargeting fits in, complementing existing acquisition solutions.”

Deloitte’s research into the Rise and Rise of Second-Screening shows that roughly a quarter of us use second screens while watching TV, with the figure doubling for those aged 16-24. If we can be sure of anything in performance marketing, it is that this number will surely increase in 2013.

Shazam has been at the forefront of this shift in behaviour, extending its popular app so that viewers can now ‘Shazam’ TV programmes and advertising using the ‘audio fingerprinting’ it normally employs to help consumers discover new music.  In fact, 50,000 viewers used the Shazam App to tag the Pepsi MAX and Cadbury ads in just 60 seconds during special ad breaks during the final of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ in 2012.  Exclusive content and contests were unlocked for viewers who tagged the Shazamable TV campaign. Is 2013 the year that TV finally becomes a performance marketing platform?

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking into the future with me and that you’ll join me for part two over the next few days. 



Nick Fletcher
Head of Client Services

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