Top 10 Performance Marketing Technologies for 2013 - Part Two

posted by TradedoublerUK18 Jan 2013

On Wednesday, I kicked off my look at which marketing technologies, companies and trends I believe are going to make a big impact on the performance marketing sector in 2013.  I covered device bridging; pretargeting and second screening and here are the next three for you to reflect on and see if you agree with me. 

Big Data
Big Data is such a buzzword that I felt compelled to include it in this Top 10. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the term as I feel the use of it can often detract from the detail of what a company/product is trying to achieve. Whatever you want to call it, having more data about the potential customer is a good thing for marketers: it means we can deliver more relevant, personalised products/offers and ultimately add value for the end user - increasing the ROI of our campaigns. We have recently started working with the Met Office to analyse how changing weather conditions affects our advertisers’ sales and this type of use of data will become increasingly common this year.

Integrated points of sale
2012 was a year when Research Online Purchase Offline (ROPO) was embraced by many retailers as an important part of their overall marketing strategy. However, there’s still a lot of work to be done in terms of making this a truly seamless process, where the offline sales can be accurately attributed to the responsible online marketing channel. At this point it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what technology will prevail in this area. Apple’s snubbing of NFC for the iPhone 5 in favour of its “Passbook” has meant that a number of other solutions have emerged. Eagle Eye recently provided the distribution, redemption and reporting technology behind a campaign for Harvester restaurants aimed at iOS 6 users with the Passbook app, allowing full visibility and attribution of an online campaign for an offline product.

Integrated Performance Technology
As affiliate marketing expands and matures, some of the larger merchants can benefit from managing all or some of their own publisher base in-house, using white labelled solutions which are cost-effective and can increase ROI.

Often used in conjunction with a public network, the combination of network and technology platform really does have the potential to offer certain merchants the best of all worlds efficiently and at scale.  This means offering a self-managed solution when it appears to be the best value for the advertiser and at the same time ensuring that the level of expertise on offer from the network when it comes to managing the public affiliate programme, justifies the performance model it is being charged on. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this second snapshot into the future of performance marketing and hope you'll join me for my third post next week.  

Nick Fletcher
Head of Client Strategy 

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