Tictactime Launches with Tradedoubler!

posted by Chetna Vadukul - Senior Account Manager01 Jun 2012

Tictactime is one of the major actors in the branded watch market, distributing quality products to several thousand customers per month. Tictactime.co.uk is an online shop specialized in the selling of jewels and watches: 150 brands available 

The commission, by stages, is very attractive: from 10 to 12% for an order, depending on the number of orders generated per month:

  • ·         1-5 Sales: 10%
  • ·         5-10 Sales: 11%
  • ·         11+ Sales: 12%

If you would like to join the program please do get in touch with Chetna.vadukul@tradedoubler.com or simply apply to the program directly at www.tradedoubler.com – the Program ID is: 221425

 We look forward to working with you on the program!

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