The Zoo Project: Spotlight on StyleNest Founder

posted by Marie Dalton - Head of European Marketing25 Jun 2013

Congratulations on your success with entry into the Zoo project. How has the Zoo helped you in your start-up journey?

StyleNest has grown from strength to strength since joining the Zoo project. The greatest advantage of being part of the Zoo has been working in close proximity to some other inspiring and innovative start-ups. It's a great environment to bounce ideas about and each business within the Zoo really supports and champions all the others.

Having the Tradedoubler teams on hand has been invaluable. We've partnered with many of their clients to date and the teams are always on hand to chat about and to explore new ways in which we can partner up. The most valuable support has come from the project manager of the Zoo Project. She has been an incredible support, given great advice not only from an industry perspective but a business one also.

The Zoo Project is an incredible opportunity for digital start-ups and I recommend the experience highly.

Can you tell us how the StyleNest concept came about?

I’m at the age where many of my friends are having babies. Many found they lost confidence post-pregnancy with their style and came to me for style advice or would ask me for some quick fix beauty tips. The more they asked, the more I realised that there was no website for women that recognised the family aspect of her life alongside her needs and interests as a woman. 

Essentially, pre-baby she was interested in fashion, style and beauty and liked to travel to luxury hotels. This doesn’t have to change when you become a mum.  – it’s just a question of adapting these slightly to fit your new lifestyle. So, I wanted to create a stylish, one-stop-shop where women could get fashion inspiration, beauty tips and recipes alongside childrenswear roundups and family friendly travel reviews.

 Mums are always juggling a million things at once so it was important to me to create a site that was easy to use and navigate. We aim to make the modern woman’s life a little easier and offer tips, advice and shopping across Fashion, Family, Lifestyle and Travel. 

The greatest thing about the site isthat it isuseful to all women in their 30s/40s/50s whether they have children or not. It's an easy to use, informative site that has a 360approach to a woman's life and needs.

For anyone new to StyleNest, can you explain a bit about the features, focuses and content of the magazine?

StyleNest is a one-stop shop for busy mums. We cover fashion, beauty, travel, recipes childrenswear and more.

We take the latest trends and make them wearable and practical for the busy woman, bring you top beauty tips and round up the tastiest recipes from family friendly, to quick and healthy meals to tasty treats and party food. We also have interviews with inspirational men and women,celebrities, designers, mums and dads - anyone who has a story to tell that will resonate with our community.  The site also covers, health and fitness, interiors and travel. You name it, we cover it. 

Our children’s pages focus on clothing from 0-14 as well as our pick of the best toys and and decorating ideas for nurseries and children’s bedrooms. We pick all the best pieces on offer and create a concise edit to make shopping and sourcing well made and unique pieces a breeze.

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What would you like potential advertisers to know about StyleNest?

As we cover so many areason the site there aren't many brands or areas of the industrythat don;t fit with our site. We have worked with High Fashion brands such as Stella McCartney, Be Chip brands such as AMEX, lifestyle brands that include LuxDeco and Made and travel brands such as Secret Escapes and Lonely Planet. 

We tailor each individual campaign to suit the brands needs i.e. we focus the activity around sales or data. One way in which we successfully generate sales and new customers is through our pop-up shop, where the build of the micro site, design and content is all created in-house. The pop-up shop has always proven successful thanks to our selection and trusted editorial voice - The StyleNest Edit. If data and leads are of the most importance to the client then we will build a 360 campaign around this. 

We try to bridge the gap between editorial and advertising to create a seamless partnership. To date, we have experienced an incredibly high level of engagement from our readers.

You must be thrilled with the great the response the magazine has had after such a short time, has it exceeded your expectations?

 Absolutely. The response has been great and just keeps getting better. I set StyleNest up as I thought there would be a demand for a site like this but I never knew it would take off so quickly.

You left a very established online magazine to set up StyleNest, did you at any point panic about launching something completely new?

Ha, yes! It was such a scary thing. I had always worked at very established publications, starting my career at The Telegraph and then most recently Red. But I really believed in the idea and thought if I didn’t take the leap now I would never do it. 

And finally another huge congratulations on your recent Online Fashion Journalist Of The Year nomination!

  Thank you. I'm thrilled that StyleNest is getting the recognition it so deserves. We have a great team here and whilst I was nominated, it really is down to my great team and a reflection on the hard work they all put in. Fingers crossed....

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