The Zoo Project: LUX FIX presents Going Mobile – A lean start-up decision

posted by The Zoo Project 04 Feb 2014

Rebecca Glenapp Co Founder of LUX FIX and The Zoo Project resident blogs her thoughts on mobile:

I recently read an article from December 2012 where the CEO of a major online-only retailer was talking about responsive design playing a part in their customer strategy and how fluidly their new site would function on all devices. At the time “responsive” was not a widely used term (he was pretty excited!) but what a difference a year makes, every new website now is designed to look good cross device – Mobile, Tablet and Desktop - and it makes perfect sense to want to eliminate the need for a different design and development phase for each of them.

But what of those start-ups (like us) who built their site before last year? One solution would have been to rebuild a responsive site from scratch, but not one that sadly made much sense resource (start-up!) or in terms of continually responding and to customer behavior on our platform and iterating accordingly (we push changes almost daily). 

So we sat down with the wonderful Jos and Phil of HipSnip, one of our fellow Zoo Project start-ups at the Tradedoubler incubator and explained our problem. We decided our site looks pretty good (as most do!) on tablet so that would be second priority, the key to fix was mobile usability. We then broke down the site in terms of each page that needed to be mobile optimised and worked with the brilliant Hipsnip team to create a mobile site in a matter of weeks.

It’s now live and we are already starting to see a great uplift in mobile transactions! So what did we learn?

- Beg borrow and steal – it’s a great time to go looking for features you love on other mobile sites as they are all relatively new/ built to the latest best practice. Look for anything from menu design to basket positioning.

- Mobile optimisation (at least in our eyes) is more important than tablet in terms of turning the dial on sales – our mobile site was actually so hard to navigate it was impeding sales.

- Be strict with yourself. Break down each page design that actually needs mobile optimisation. There might not be as many as you think and therefore a quicker and cheaper process than first imagined.  

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