The Trainline consolidates their Performance Marketing with Tradedoubler in 2014

posted by David Ayre - Account Director10 Mar 2014

The UK’s most recognised online rail ticketing website, thetrainline have this month launched exclusively with Tradedoubler following an extensive consolidation review to drive forward their multi-channel activity in 2014 and beyond. This includes on-site conversion from consumer and business traffic as well as the continued promotion of thetrainline’s mobile and app traffic.

I took some time out of our busy schedules today to speak to Donna Glasper, thetrainline’s Affiliate Manager on her decision process when choosing between networks:

DA – Donna, tell us about yourself, what is your background in performance marketing and what are your objectives for thetrainline in 2014?”

DG – A Travel fanatic, with extensive experience in the travel industry. I have over 4 years’ experience in performance marketing, working with some of the largest travel brands and now currently working for the UK’s largest independent retailer of train tickets. Managing a multi million pound sales budget, my role here is to develop the affiliate strategy & grow the affiliate channel share of overall business contribution. Whilst driving cost efficiencies and making thetrainline affiliate programme an award winning one!

DA – thetrainline’s affiliate programme has been open since 2002, making it one of the more established programmes in the industry – what drove your decision to consolidate the programme onto one network in 2014?

DG –  As a business we have a clear vision  and are constantly innovating and continuously improving the ticket buying experience. However there is still some way to go and the next phase of our growth is critical. We need to enable future growth and become more efficient at everything we do. This involves difficult decisions to prioritise spend and place an emphasis to become more efficient at what we do. Choosing the right partners to help us do this and to build & develop the affiliate channel whilst making efficiencies was crucial. Also, building upon an existing strong account management team and working closer with this team as an extension to our marketing department.

DA – As briefly as possible, as I know it was rightfully a long process for you, what processes did you go through to ensure the consolidation review was thorough and gave all parties an opportunity to demonstrate their USP’s to you.

DG -  An RFP was provided to both networks outlining our key objectives for the business for the coming years and also in particular, the affiliate channel. This highlighted key areas we wanted to address; we left this for open interpretation for each network to demonstrate their experience and expertise in the area. Both networks were invited in to present a deck with their proposal, for them to highlight why should work with them.

DA – What additional stakeholders within the Trainline’s business were involved in the process? What are their roles in the company and in the decision making?

DG – After providing recommendations to the marketing director; Iain Hildrith and Commercial Director; Ben Pearson the final decision was put in front of a contracts approval committee for sign off.

DA – What were your key deciding factors in choosing Tradedoubler over the other networks involved in the consolidation?

DG -    This was a very difficult decision with both parties providing strong proposals. However Tradedoubler just tipped the scales with their drive and hunger for the business, investments and developments on the roadmap, their innovation and efficiency ideas, along with their prioritisation of the account, industry and account experience.

DA – Where do you see the programme progressing over the next two years?

DG – Moving away from a traditional affiliate programme and becoming a more intuitive and profitable partnership based one.

DA – Thank you for your time, it’s been a pleasure discussing this with you, myself and my team working with you on the business are looking forward to a successful 2014 working together.


Donna’s focus on innovation and efficiency truly drove this decision making process throughout and Tradedoubler’s ability to match our team and technology with Donna’s own, and thetrainline’s overall, strategic objectives for 2014 and beyond makes this a perfect harmony in performance marketing and a shining example of a network working as an extended part of the client’s team.

Tradedoubler are hugely excited about growing this programme and working with the team in the future. If you would like further information on the work Tradedoubler have done with thetrainline’s business contact your account manager or myself

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