The Tesco ClubCard Exchange TV Campaign is now live!

posted by Verity Beard - Account Manager05 Nov 2012

The Tesco ClubCard Exchange TV Campaign is now live! This campaign is running a 30 second execution across 1st – 11th November.

This year’s Christmas campaign is the first significant piece of work that we are working on with our new agency Weiden + Kennedy. Our first advert, which supports the Clubcard Exchange, aired on television yesterday. Our partnership with Weiden + Kennedy represents the start of a new conversation with customers as we go on a journey to build a stronger and more engaging brand in the UK.  

We have done this by understanding what matters to customers at Christmas and asking “How can Tesco make it better”?

Customers told us it's the little, simple things that matter and that they wanted us to help them make the most of their Christmas.

The idea behind the new Tesco marketing campaign is a snapshot of Britain at Christmas. It’s democratic, populist but classless, honest and believable. The excitement of Christmas in a very contemporary and relevant sense. It's fun and jubilant and places Tesco at the heart of a family Christmas - Tesco as the facilitator of great family Christmases.

 The key terrestrial highlights on this campaign include…

  • Homefront & EmmerdaleKick Off Spots on ITV1 – across London and the South East we have secured the new episode of Homefront as a kick off spot, across Midwest, North and Scotland – we have secured Emmerdale as a kick off spot. Both of these programmes perform very well for our target audience, I estimate that approx. 6.5 million individuals will view these programmes collectively


  • X Factor Live Shows  - Network spot on Saturday Night - ITV1. One of the biggest shows on Commercial television continues this weekend. I estimate this programme will attract in excess of 11.1 million individuals


  • Downton AbbeyNetwork spot on Sunday Night – ITV1. The biggest programme on commercial television for our target audience of housewives. This Sunday sees the series come to a close, I anticipate this episode to perform slightly better than previous weeks, approx. 12.1 million individuals

In addition to these great spots on ITV1, a number of other kick off spots also exist on the campaign on Thursday night. On Channel 4 we have secured The Simpsons, whilst on Channel 5 we have Neighbours and James Bond: A True Story. A number of other kick off spots can also be seen across the multi-channel stations, some of these include – A league Of Their Own, America’s Next Top Model, Minder, The Closer, NCIS, CSI: Miami, Body Of Proof and Dallas.

Furthermore to these kick off highlights, the campaign has a wide array of other great programming. Some of these include- Location Location Location, Come Dine With Me, Derren Brown: Apocalypse, Heston’s Fantastical Foods, Neighbours, CSI: Miami, Dallas, Rolf’s Animal Clinic, Boardwalk Empire, Criminal Minds, NCIS Los Angeles, House, Fringe, Xtra Factor Live Shows, Celebrity Chase, Foyle’s War, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, The Inbetweeners, Misfits, Made In Chelsea, CSI: Miami, NCIS, Body Of Proof and The Mentalist.

We hope you enjoy the new advert when you see this. Any feedback is welcome to the Tesco Tradedoubler affiliate team.

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