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posted by Edith Batchelor - Account Manager07 Nov 2012

Last year’s Christmas bestseller is back!

Last Christmas, Hometown World's Santa’s Coming books sold out in every branch of Waterstones where they were sold.

This year, we’re also making them available online – sign up to Hometown World’s affiliate program, and earn yourself up to 17% commission by helping people find the perfect Christmas gift for kids.


Whether you have a grandchild in Yorkshire, a niece in Nottingham, or a godchild in Cornwall, Hometown World’s range of Santa books are the perfect Christmas gift for children - wherever they live in the UK.

Fun, informative, and packed with details and landmarks about the area that they know and love, our range of regionalised books are going from strength to strength.

Last year, we had ten different Santa books available offline in nationwide retailers such as Waterstones, Asda, Tesco, and WH Smiths. Waterstones stores throughout the UK all sold out. This year we’ve produced over 30 Santa books which cover every major city in the UK, along with many different towns, counties, regions and countries, such as Ireland and Scotland.

Join the Hometown World affiliate program and you could earn up to 17% commission on every sale from your site.


The Hometown World range includes over 30 of the best selling ‘Santa’s Coming’ books plus a range of other products including jigsaws and history books covering many UK towns, cities, counties, regions and countries.

PLUS, while stocks last, every order receives a free Santa Sign!


  • Introductory commission level of 17% until 16 November 2012- after which it will be 10%.
  • An easy sale with our beautiful, foil embossed, regionally personalised hard-back Christmas books, priced at just £4.99 each.
  • Every order before Christmas receives a FREE GIFT.
  • Every product has a selection of ‘peek inside’ images on the site to really convey the quality.
  • Cross selling messages used throughout the site to increase total basket value.
  • Banners provided showing all the towns covered to allow you to target your ad placement with the most impact.
  • Timely and regular payments.

Eye Catching Creative

For every town within the range there’s a set of banners to help you target customers and drive them to the Hometown World site. All the Flash banners are professionally created by our agency to drive clicks and conversions.

If you are able to target your advertising geographically, make sure you use the banner for that town or region to really drive relevance and conversions.

Join the program!

To promote this great program this Christmas, just search Program ID 226498 in the interface and apply! Also please feel free to contact with any questions.

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