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posted by Connie Li - Advertiser Response Team Leader20 Sep 2013

1. My First Free Glasses from Ozeal

Ozeal glasses, this London-based online eyeglasses shop, launched free glasses activities which is divided into four parts according to different customers: 1) Back to School for students; 2) Geek Month Giveaway for IT nerds; 3) Travel Season Spree for travel lovers; 4) Reading Is Enjoying is for elder people who need reading glasses.

Write this article in a tone of customer of Ozeal who just got a pair of free glasses from one of these four events and focus on the good service and high-quality glasses details during the process of getting this pair of glasses.

2. Delivering Eye Health – Ozeal Glasses Has Sailed from UK

All Ozeal glasses staffs are working on delivering eye health to all their customers by offering high-quality frame and lenses, professional and comprehensive service.

Write about ozeal’s development (increasing frame types, more comprehensive customer service) and constant principle of delivering eye health in a business report way.

3.  Ozeal Glasses’ New Definition of Fashion Glasses

“The most suitable glasses are the most fashionable ones” says Ozeal glasses. This is ozeal’s new definition of fashion glasses

1)    Don’t lose yourself in the ubiquitous fashion brands and celebrities, explain it

2)    Ozeal’s hot style: Oversized Glasses, Black Glasses, Tortoise Shell Glasses, Browline Glasses, aviator glasses, nerd glasses, vintage glasses, cat eye glasses, wayfarer glasses, you can find your own one style. Enrich this content with details.

4.  Why Not Buy Cheap Glasses Online from Ozeal?

Convince readers why they should buy cheap glasses from Ozeal?

1)    Tempting low price

2)    High quality frame

3)    Professional guide for getting a pair of right glasses ranging from the frame type to the prescription reading.

4)    Timely and friendly customer service

5)    Thoughtful returns and exchange policy

5.  Spoil Yourself with Ozeal Cat Eye Glasses

    1) Talk about the allure of cat eye glasses for ladies. The feminine look, up-swept design and mysterious, elegant colors are adored by beautiful ladies like Audrey Hepburn, Scarlet Johansson and etc.

Introduce Ozeal’s Cat Eye Glasses through the frame pattern design and colors which take the advantage of cat eye glasses to the extreme. Pick 2 or 3 pair of Ozeal’s Cat Eye Glasses from the website and describe them with details. So spoil yourself with a pair of Ozeal cat eye glasses now!

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