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posted by Ariane Savvides - Marketing Executive26 Feb 2014

OVIVO is a SIM-only mobile network supported by advertising and m-commerce that provides free minutes, texts and data in the UK without contracts or minimum monthly top-ups.

OVIVO do mobile differently, bringing to life real Mobile Freedom!

By joining OVIVO’s affiliate program (ID: 246823) you can be part of this Mobile Freedom sharing the success of a fast growing company with over 50,000 customers.

OVIVO launched in April 2012 and since then we’ve been acquiring customers at outstanding rates by constantly improving our proposition and rewarding our customers' loyalty. 

More details at http://www.ovivomobile.com/


Product Range

We provide a wide range of competitive price plans for phone, tablets and dongles starting from £0 per month and some of the cheapest outside allowance rates on the PAYG market in the UK. Our most popular tariffs are: 


Freedom 0 for phones

250 Mins, 300 texts and 500MB data
£20 sign-up fee then £0 per month (plus £15 free credit applied upon activation)

Other phone tariffs http://www.ovivomobile.com/offer/ovivo-for-phones/


Data 0 for tablets and dongles

£20 sign-up fee then £0 per month (£15 free credit applied upon activation)

Other data tariffs http://www.ovivomobile.com/offer/ovivo-for-data/


Programme Benefits

  • Up to £5 commission on confirmed sales
  • Commissions are paid based on confirmed sales, so there’s no need to worry about activation rates
  • Cookie Period of 30 days
  • We are open to discuss promotional opportunities with all affiliates
  • Commissions are confirmed after the 14 days return period
  • High quality creative (bespoke creative available)


OVIVO Commission Structure

There are four tiers to this programme and commissions are paid based on the number of confirmed SIM sales you generate:

Tier Monthly Sales Volume Commission
Tier 1 1-200 £3
Tier 2 201-500 £3.50
Tier 3 501-1,000 £4
Tier 4 1,001 + £5

This commission structure will be valid for all affiliates except for consumer generated sites who will receive £1 per confirmed sale and cash back/loyalty/incentive sites who will receive £3 per confirmed sale.

Quick Stats

  • Cookie Policy 30 days
  • Conversion rate 7% based on acquisition of any SIM card

When promoting OVIVO it’s not permitted to say things like “OVIVO is free” or “FREE Sim card” as in our £0 p/m tariffs there’s one off £20 upfront payment.

SIGN UP to OVIVO Mobile affiliate programme today!

If you have any questions regarding the OVIVO affiliate programme, please contact simona.remesova@tradedoubler.com

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