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posted by TradedoublerUK02 Oct 2012

Here is what HipSnip founder Phil Woodward has to say about his company:

'Our mission at HipSnip is to help shoppers find the best stuff to buy, while helping publishers and retailers engage with shoppers on their websites.

HipSnip is a shopping Q&A platform which helps shoppers quickly decide what to buy and to buy more online. It is embedded into publisher and retailer websites and makes it easy for shoppers to get advice from a publisher's enthusiastic audience and from expert retail staff.

We help our clients increase their revenue and their audience engagement, generating significant affiliate revenue for publishers and also offering other revenue opportunities such as sponsorship.

HipSnip is an exciting new technology, a compelling experience for shoppers, and a great way to differentiate your site.

And it will give your audience another reason to come back to your site again and again.'

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