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posted by Julia Szuhay - Publisher Recruiter 17 Dec 2012

Stuffster, a much smarter way of shopping

After a year of hard work, an exciting new publisher, Stuffster is launching today on Tradedoubler with a huge focus on the January sales. Visitors using the unique Stuffster online shopping tool can track all the products they want to buy in one central place and get alerts when the price drops to what they want to pay. Tomi, Stuffster's price fighting Ninja acts as a personal shopping assistant helping visitors organize their shopping and saving their money on the stuff they want to buy.


  • Expected user base: 10k registered user in the first month, the age is 18 plus…

Sarah McConomy, co-founder of Stuffster talks about launching and targets for the next year.

Julia (TD): - Most of the publishers from different sectors usually see Christmas as the best period of the year to earn the highest commission. Why did you decide to launch Stuffster just after the holiday season?

Sarah: - Stuffster is a Price Alert tool, which means that people have still got time to add items in that they want to track prior to Christmas and they will get alerted in the New Year Sales on items they want without having to hit the cold shopping queues on Boxing Day. It's the perfect time to demonstrate the service right at the heart of New year sales Dip and that second dip mid January.

Julia (TD): - Which markets do you cover?

Sarah: - We are a completely Global Business – this means that anyone around the world can use this site and any product can be added from any site.

Julia (TD): - Who are your target audience?

Sarah:  - Our target market is everyone as we are a truly global service which you can use to add any product from any website in the world.  Our initial focus areas are in Gadgets, Electrical Goods, Fashion, Luxury goods and Homeware.

Julia (TD): - Do you have tenancy placement opportunities on the site?

Sarah: - This is something we would consider next year - 2013

Julia (TD): - What requirements do clients need to go onto the site? Images, product feed, etc?

Sarah: - A product feed is always a helpful but not essential and we can work with every single merchant.

Julia (TD): - Do you have a mobile site and/or App?

Sarah: - We currently have a fully optimised mobile site.  IPhone and Android apps are following in the New Year.

Julia (TD): What is your focus this year?

Sarah: - There is nothing like Stuffster currently out there, we see Stuffster's Price Drop Alert functionality as the ultimate price saving tool. We want to establish it as one of the top money saving shopping tools in the world.

Contact Details: Email Sarah Mcconomy sarah.mcconomy@stuffster.comand the publisher manager julia.szuhay

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