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posted by Ru Bhikha - Publisher Development Manager22 May 2013

"Would you like to share your location?"

A phrase that I’m sure you and I are all too familiar with. To the average consumer, this phrase evokes mixed feelings. Many of us enjoy the fact that our mobile apps can be personalised and used in this way, thereby enjoying the full benefits of being constantly connected.  Others can’t stand the thought of being followed every minute of every day.  Whether you clicked yes or no, be sure to know that Geo-Targeting is here to stay and the only place its going, is wherever you are.

Why and how should you start using geo-targeting in your affiliate activity?

Considering that 4 in 10 adult’s now own a smartphone in the UK, moving with the times will not be an option but a necessity; so being quick out the blocks is key.  With this in mind, affiliates are now uniquely placed to take advantage of this opportunity.

Firstly; it’s about having an app that users can engage with successfully and keep in the app lifecycle for as long as possible.  Using mobile GPS technology is the most efficient way to make the user’s shopping experience enjoyable, after all apps are easier to delete than to download! According to Josh Clark (Author of Tapworthy) “The average user doesn’t open a mobile app more than twenty times, and people use only one third of the apps they download beyond 30 days”.

Geo-targeting pros and cons.

With everything in tomorrow’s world, pros come with cons, And in the case of Geo-Targeting, tracking is occasionally questioned. But how reliable is the tracking in this avenue of marketing? Ami Spencer from Vouchercloud told us, “Vouchercloud are able to work with any brand using basic tracking, this tends to have a 10-15% discrepancy from redemption to sale. However for complete and accurate tracking we have integrated 3rd party closed loop tracking solutions from companies including Eagle Eye and Zoosh. We also offer in-depth post offer reports which are invaluable to the merchant.”

Vouchercloud are now Europe’s number one voucher application with over 3.5 million downloads. Specialising in delivering targeted geo-located campaigns to reach new customers, re-engage inactive users and help ensure a higher ROI on affiliate programmes.

So we know it tracks, and the technology works, but how successful is it?

Vouchercloud ran a national £10 off £20 spend for a top retail merchant valid at over 290 branches. In one week this generated in excess 650 sales with a conversion rate of 77%. Through utilising geo-located technologies Vouchercloud were able to deliver relevant offers to nearby prospective customers, providing merchants with a direct and cost effective marketing platform. 

What does the future hold?

With Near Field Communication now being rolled out across many mobile handsets and 4G now in full swing in the UK, the possibilities of using affiliate marketing in conjunction with Geo-targeting and NFC are endless and current marketing techniques like the common QR code could soon be deemed obsolete. Anything from scanning concert tickets or replacing printable vouchers altogether, tapping your phone to purchase goods along with Geo-targeting would mean they will be competing with traditional buying methods, sooner than expected.

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