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posted by Carl Winte - Product Owner, Integrations23 May 2013

API use and popularity is at an all-time high amongst affiliates. Embracing APIs can be invaluable in helping publishers to deliver useful information and content in new ways to end users, whilst at the same time increasing conversions and sales.  An API (Application Programming Interface) is basically a set of services that helps applications to communicate with each other systematically and programmatically over the internet.

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Tradedoubler’s Open API was introduced last year as an initiative to open up our platform to enable more, and better, integrations with our partners. The initiative changed the way we work within Product Development at Tradedoubler as we now keep third party integrations in mind at all times with every new development we’re working on. The first set of services we introduced as part of the Open API project was the Vouchers Open API, which allows publishers easy access to pull voucher and promotion code information from Tradedoubler advertisers through via platform.

The Products Open API was officially launched in the UK April 2nd. This is to some extent an upgrade to our Product Feeds solution. In short, advertisers provide us with detailed product data and we structure that data and distribute it to publishers in a range of formats. This new API based solution allows for an easier and more flexible exchange of this information between advertisers and publishers. The older Product Feeds solution will eventually be phased out, but we will ensure that partners have plenty of time to migrate to the new API solution before this takes place.

There are numerous benefits to using the Products Open API, just some of which are listed here:

  • Access advertiser data instantly. You will be able to access the data in real-time as advertisers migrate to the new API. This is possible thanks to a ‘push approach’ in the API instead of Tradedoubler manually pulling data from the advertisers. With the older Product Feed solution it can take several days for products to be updated so it will much easier to maintain up-to-date, high quality product data.
  • Powerful search functionality. The search feature offers many options to help pull out the most relevant products for your applications.
  • Query the API in real-time. You are able to query the API live, meaning that you don’t need to store all of this product data in your own database. You can create applications that pull data directly from the Products Open API with no drain on server resources.
  • Get price history for all products. Whenever a product changes in price, we store the old price with its time / date range.  You have the option within query responses to pull full price history of products. Use this data, for example, to create build price development graphs in order to display price history to your end users.
  • Advertisers can provide as many products as they like. Previously we had a limit of 100,000 products by program. This is not the case anymore, giving you as a publisher much more data to work with.
  • Product grouping. If you request products that are available from multiple advertisers, you have the option to get them grouped. The advertiser offering the best price will show at the top of each grouping.
  • Faceted search. Optionally you can request facets when searching the API. For example, if you set a ‘brand’ facet, a header will be added to the response, showing how frequent different brands are among the products returned.
  • Other services. We offer a wide range of API services, for example access to advertisers’ raw data, managing product categories and getting information on available feeds.
  • Products Open API also includes many other great features, such as pagination, currency and language support.

To learn more about the API, or to get integrated today - take a look at the technical documentation located here:

Carl Winte, Product Owner, Integrations

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