How travel affiliates can convert Mobile customers.

posted by Adam Abdo - Publisher Development Manager21 Mar 2013

With the UK losing its prestigious AAA credit rating in February this year, the economic recession is impacting across all sectors.  As for the travel industry, recent industry reports draw a bleak picture, with PwC forecasting a decline in the UK hotel sector, whilst Barclays reports a weakening in consumer and corporate travel spending due to continued pressure on household and corporate budgets.

However, affiliates may have a reason to be optimistic as travel brands are actively increasing their performance marketing budgets in order to increase their ROI. Tradedoubler has experienced this trend first hand with a range of new travel programs joining the network, including leading European airline Lufthansa, hotel group NH Hotels and travel portal Venere.

M-commerce has become an increasingly important channel for travel brands with the number of leisure travelers using their mobile devices for travel information increasing by over 450% since 2009. Unlike other sectors, travel mobile conversion is very high with a healthy 40% of leisure travelers converting using mobile browsers, while only 12% book using apps. 

Clearly this trend represents a unique opportunity for travel affiliates to drive highly engaged mobile traffic to their advertiser programs. Below, I’ll describe three key requirements that will help you improve your mobile travel consumer conversion. 

Improve mobile customer user-experience.

Understanding mobile consumer behaviour is key to your conversion success. The holiday research and booking process are a vital part of the decision-making process and therefore must provide an enhanced customer experience. Mobile affiliate should concentrate on delivering a simplified mobile navigation, accurate real-time price functionalities and value-added site content. Optimizing your check-out and transactions processes will have a significant impact on your ability to convert. 

Become a niche expert.

Travel affiliates need to understand how m-commerce fits into the mobile consumer journey. It has become increasingly difficult to win the last click, especially due to high customer awareness towards incentive sites and the rise of de-duplication between affiliate program channels. Therefore, increase your chances to convert mobile customers by concentrating on travel niches instead. By capturing mobile consumers when they are at the end of their decision making process, your mobile traffic will be highly engaged with your content and have a higher tendency to convert. It’s all about the quality of traffic rather than quantity.

Increase your visibility in mobile search.

A recent ComScore study revealed that Mobile Search appears to be cannibalizing desktop search volume, with Mobile local search volume likely to surpass desktop local search by 2015. There has never been a greater opportunity for mobile affiliates to target travel consumers on the move.In order to monetize mobile organic search, mobile affiliates should start by prioritizing their best revenue-generating pages. Determine the entry points of mobile consumers into your site as well as the exit points, and map this against your organic keywords to spot opportunities to develop mobile-optimized landing pages based on your most popular mobile keywords.  

Tradedoubler works with some of the leading brands in the travel industry. Our extensive experience in the sector, combined with our award winning client teams and innovative technology means that we are perfectly placed to monetize your traffic.

For more information regarding the UK travel industry or to simply have a no-obligation conversation on how Tradedoubler could help your travel site, please contact Adam Abdo

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