How to find the right affiliate network for your clients.

posted by David Ayre - Account Director21 Mar 2013

As an agency working on behalf of an advertiser, looking into either launching its brand into the affiliate marketplace with a new affiliate program or maximizing its affiliate program’s growth by moving to a new network, your client strategy will be focused on two main deliverables:

 Increasing brand exposure.
Increasing sales and revenue.  

Finding the right affiliate network that can deliver on both goals can be a confusing process. To help you make a more informed decision on your next affiliate network partner, we have pulled together some top tips on what you should be considering when researching your choice.

Publisher Network

Publishers are the crux of any affiliate program. Having access to a variety of sector specific and high traffic publishers will allow you to increase brand awareness among a highly engaged target audience and improve click through rates to your client’s site. Make sure that you obtain a good understanding of the reach of the publisher network, and in particular the relationships that affiliate networks have with their publishers, in order to maximise the potential coverage of your affiliate program within the affiliate network.

Performance Marketing Technology

An affiliate network should provide you with the ability to run performance campaigns which incorporate powerful cross-media tools. Tracking, targeting and ad serving technology have become key for a lot of publishers, in particular those that depend on feeds to drive the content on their sites. Shopping engine comparison sites (as an example) can quickly and easily pull a feed of your client’s products and prices, and be responsible for generating up to 40% of affiliate revenue alone in certain sectors.

Experienced Account Management

Meet your potential affiliate program manager and build up an understanding of their experience. Their expertise in managing programs within your sector will be the key to your client’s program success, as they are the most strategic asset within your team  cross- promoting your client’s offers and leveraging the most beneficial publisher relationships based on your client’s needs.

Industry expertise

Make sure you have analysed your direct competition in terms of their performance marketing activities.  Who have they chosen for their affiliate network? Advertisers should partner with an affiliate network that has experience in affiliate program management as well as showcase a top tier portfolio of great related brands. All networks will have procedures in place to ensure confidentiality across related programs, so ensure you benefit from their experience in your sector.

Dedicated customer service

Perhaps an often overlooked element of the client affiliate program process is the level of customer service that you can or should expect. Make sure to choose an affiliate network that has the experience of tailoring affiliate programs to each individual brand that they partner with. Every brand is unique and their needs are all different. Choose a network that understands this and is passionate about the unique selling points of your client. 

Tradedoubler’s unique approach to performance marketing provides agencies with a proven opportunity to grow their customer’s revenue and ROI. Our award winning client teams and innovative technology, combined with extensive experience across lead and traffic generation as well as leveraging performance marketing ROI across digital platforms, means that we are perfectly placed to monetize your client’s traffic.

For more information on how Tradedoubler could help your agency improve performance marketing channel, please contact David Ayre

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