How M-commerce is impacting Affiliate marketing

posted by Amy Lucas - Account Director22 Mar 2013

Mobile is a channel that’s seen large investment over the last 12 months as brands start to realise the importance of smartphone use within the consumer user journey. Research commissioned by Tradedoubler shows that 71% of smartphone owners have researched purchases on their devices, highlighting M-commerce as a growing and important trend within the consumer shopping experience. 

What are they keys to converting Mobile traffic? 

The impact of M-commerce on affiliate marketing becomes clear when considering that 53% of mobile consumers who researched purchases actually convert on their mobile devices. This new path to purchase presents Advertisers with a unique opportunity to optimise current conversion touch points, and integrate conversion strategies across mobile, desktop and in-store channels. This trend is further confirmed by the same study which demonstrated that 24% of consumers, who use their smartphone in-store, are more likely to purchase either through the mobile device and or in-store. 

The success of mobile conversion strategies is largely influenced on the location where the mobile research takes place. Mobile consumers are more likely to make impulse buying decisions, therefore voucher codes and daily deals play a valuable role in driving in-person, in-store conversion. Furthermore, by enabling the tracking and crediting of such purchases, they also provide an opportunity to incentivise affiliate channels in order to drive foot traffic.

What are the steps to becoming mobile-ready?

Implement Mobile affiliate tracking

Don’t miss out on affiliate sales through mobile devices. In December alone, Tradedoubler saw a significant increase in mobile traffic and sales, with over 3 million sales per month made through mobile devices. Adding mobile affiliate tracking is a simple process which follows the same procedure as standard Tradedoubler e-commerce site tracking. It creates a clear opportunity for Mobile affiliates to join advertiser programs, allows advertisers to take advantage of Mobile sales acquisition campaigns and helps to avoid disputed transactions. 

Create a Multi-Channel offering

Due to the price sensitivity of mobile consumers, Advertisers can increase the reach of their acquisition campaigns through the use of daily deals and voucher codes, and therefore create a multi-channel affiliate sales funnel. A recent success story saw Tradedoubler managing an Advertiser client acquisition campaign which included mobile, where over 50% of the mobile voucher codes which were distributed to customers were redeemed in-store. 

Drive in-store conversion through mobile commerce strategies 

Every business has noticed that the consumer path to purchase is no longer linear; therefore sales strategies shouldn’t be either. M-commerce allows Advertisers to target customers who are actively shopping on their devices as well as reaching out to customers who are in-store through integrated mobile features.  In both instances, affiliate marketing plays an important role in the consumer’s hunt for finding the best deal, either by providing in-store voucher codes to affiliates or location-based Mobile search incentives. 

Will your programme benefit from Mobile? 

Tradedoubler remains at the forefront of M-commerce and works effortlessly to improve Advertiser Mobile ROI. In fact, our latest advertiser to introduce a mobile optimised site and in-store driven voucher codes has seen a 103% sales uplift YoY.These results are not uncommon and will be achieved in part due to the halo effect of having a multi-channel brand, as mobile affiliates are just as eager to offer their users sales incentives on and offline. The reach and influence your affiliate programme could have on other areas of the business and the revenue generated will ingrain and educate those on the benefits of the performance marketing industry.

 M-Commerce is a channel that’s rapidly developing and advertisers shouldn’t  overlook the huge opportunity it presents. If you have an m-commerce site in the pipeline, integrating Tradedoubler tracking in the development stage is the easiest way to get started. From there we have a mobile specific team in each market that can help to implement a bespoke mobile strategy based on your business objectives. 

For more information on how Mobile could benefit your Performance Marketing strategy, please contact Amy Lucas

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