Fashion Connect 2013

posted by Vicky Bruce - International Publisher Manager25 Mar 2013

On Thursday 21st March, Tradedoubler organised Fashion Connect 2013, its annual invite-only Fashion and E-commerce event where advertisers, publishers and industry experts come together to learn and share knowledge at the forefront of performance marketing. 

Jack Reynolds from F&F described the event as:
‘A thoroughly enjoyable and engaging afternoon. Tradedoubler provided a detailed overview of the current market which was supplemented with good insights from the Q and A session with several top affiliates.’ 

Dan Cohen, Regional Director UK & Ireland, kicked-off the event, speaking about the emerging trends and opportunities that Tradedoubler is weaving into performance marketing campaigns for its extensive list of fashion clients across Europe – from high-street retailers to high-end luxury brands.  

Consumer behaviour in the Fashion sector 

Jane Turner, Head of Market Intelligence, gave a preview of Tradedoubler’s exclusive research into how consumer behaviour is changing when it comes to buying Fashion. Jane discussed how Performance Marketing channels are increasingly influencing purchaser behaviour, and how advertisers and publishers alike can integrate performance marketing across the consumer’s decision-making process.

Nick Fletcher, Head of Client Strategy, continued the presentation with a detailed overview on how marketers can use these research findings to improve their affiliate program performance and the importance of attribution modelling within the affiliate channel.

For more information on Tradedoubler’s research into consumer behaviour and how it can be used to improve your program, please speak to your Tradedoubler Account Manager. 

International performance marketing for Fashion 

Next, we heard from James Maley, Head of Corporate Clients UK & Ireland, who spoke about the ‘Global Opportunity’ for affiliate programs in the Fashion space. James highlighted the need for localisation and the importance of local knowledge, as consumer behaviour in each market can vary greatly. He also demonstrated how geographical E-commerce expansion still requires off-line integration in terms of local-language websites, local currency and local delivery options.

Find out more regarding the international opportunities in performance marketing by downloading James’ presentation here. 

Increase order value through Shopping Cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment, a common problem within the Fashion industry, was the subject of an insightful presentation by Darryn Hall, SVP of Sales and Client Services at SaleCycle. Darryn highlighted that the average basket-abandonment rate across Fashion campaigns in the UK is a staggering 69%. However, while this revenue could potentially be lost, an effective remarketing strategy could increase your conversions by up to 20%.

 M-Commerce in Fashion: future trends

After short break, our Head of Mobile UK & Ireland, Neil Ranatunga showed us why Mobile is more than just “This Season’s Fashion”’. With 20% of all online sales made via mobile devices during last Christmas period, advertisers and publishers alike should be aware that the mobile device has become the “anytime, anywhere shopping assistant.” Neil revealed that the integration of Mobile tracking, responsive design and cross-device attribution are all essential to a modern-day Mobile strategy.

Get the essential Mobile top tips by downloading Neil’s presentation here.

Social Media in Fashion

A key trend within the Fashion industry is the influence that Social Media is  playing in driving business performance. Hugh Hopkins, from Peer Index, and Hannah Freeman and Gemma Cartwright from Aigua Media hosted an insightful Q&A session discussing how a well-structured campaign can generate incremental sales.. The resounding message was that Social Media should not be dismissed as unimportant or be left in the hands of an intern. It has a real-life impact on driving sales, inspiring customer loyalty and building brand awareness.

Performance Marketing within Luxury Fashion

Our final presentation of the day was given by Alice Hastings and Rebecca Glencapp, co-founders of Lux Fix, who presented the challenges and rewards of working in the luxury Fashion market.  Whilst performance marketing has had slow traction within the luxury brand E-commerce space, the global online personal luxury goods market is set to reach €16 billion by 2016. Clearly not something to be neglected!

Discover the opportunities within the Luxury Fashion market by downloading Lux Fix’ presentation here.

The day was rounded off by Tom Rickey (the anchor-man of Tradedoubler) and all participants were invited to stay on and discuss the day’s findings over a drink.

We hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did. We’d love to hear your feedback, please send your comments and suggestions to Marie Dalton 

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