Earn more commission with Aqua Sana Spa – when not only the last click wins

posted by Julia Szuhay - Publisher Recruiter 14 Jan 2013

Would it be a dream to measure the impact of different online sites, magazines, and blogs, which subsequently delivers a sale? The time has come to change the well-known commission model of assigning all revenue to the last click. A brand new affiliate program in the market, Aqua Sana Spa launches on Tradedoubler and offers a unique commission structure that benefits all publishers who were part of making the sale. Simon Jarratt, Online Acquisition Manager answers our questions. 

TD: -          Can you tell us about the new contribution commission model?

SJ: At Aqua Sana, we feel it’s right to give credit to each and every exposure sequence on the path to the conversion. We attribute each step in the journey across all channels including PPC, organic search, email and now affiliate, and assign credit to that click depending where in the sequence the click occurred. We believe each stage of the conversion journey holds importance, not just the final click.  

TD:-          How does the publisher earn more in the new system?

SJ: Other affiliate systems revolve around last click activity, your site may well have played a vital role in the conversion, however if you we not fortunate enough to be the last click you wouldn't see any of the commission. With our attributed commission system, you will earn a percentage of the commission regardless of where you sit in the conversion process. Although you'll earn a smaller commission for each conversion, it’s very likely that you will build up many more conversions over the course of the weeks, months and years you are involved in the program, than you would on last click alone.    

TD: -          Why did you decide to exclude discount and voucher sites from the Aqua Sana affiliate program?

SJ: Aqua Sana is a stable brand and offers a consistent pricing model across all packages, we do not offer discounts on any spa packages and we feel that doing so would damage our reputation. Although voucher and discount site affiliates offer a valuable service to many customers, unfortunately we feel this type of affiliate doesn't sit well with our brand.

TD: -          What kind of publishers do you think could benefit the best from the unique commission structure?

SJ: We are looking for affiliates who are able to show in detail  the variety of packages we offer, thereby providing a greater insight for potential customers. Aqua Sana offers a large range of packages and experiences in a set of unique locations across the country. We feel it’s important that our affiliates are capable of selling our brand & we feel this is particularly relevant of content sites.

About the program:

Aqua Sana spa has over 15 different spa experiences and a wide range of luxury treatments in each of its four stunning UK locations

Spas are located in Cumbria, Nottinghamshire, Suffolk and Wiltshire at each of the Center Parcs villages. Each large spa boasts a wide range of experience rooms at each location, where guests can try the gentler sensations such as the effervescent Reflexology Footbaths, to inhaling the fragrances in the soothing Greek Herbal Bath, before progressing to the more intense therapies such as the bracing Japanese Salt Steam Bath or the steamy Turkish Hammam.

The Aqua Sana spa experience is a social one, where couples, friends and small groups can all enjoy the wide selection of spa facilities including indulgent treatments, quicker express treatments, restaurant and retail outlet.

Contact us:

To apply to the Aqua Sana programme, search for program ID: 227100 when logged into your publisher account.

To speak to someone about the programme please contact their account manager Malika Maudlin on malika.mauldin@tradedoubler.com. For publisher enquires please contact Julia Szuhay - Publisher Recruiter on Julia.Szuhay@tradedoubler.com.

We look forward to working with you!

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