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posted by Sarah Spencer - Network Comms Manager27 Feb 2012

The Climbing Frames UK brand is recognisible not just as being a leading retailer in the outdoor toy market, but standing for quality, customer satisfaction and supplying innovative toys for 3-10 year olds.

The Climbing Frames UK affiliate program is designed to encourage you to drive online sales to through the Climbing Frames | Wooden Climbing Frames | Outdoor Play Equipment site. We pay 7.5% commission on every sale, from swing sets to playhouses.

Climbing Frames UK has a great brand and is not just as being a leading retailer, but also stands for quality, customer satisfaction and supplying outdoor activity toys for 3-10 year olds.

At Climbing Frames UK, we do all we can to help mums help children grow into happy, self-confident people. We create fantastic outdoor toys – toys that help develop vital skills, toys that help children get off to the best possible start, and toys that are tremendous fun. All our outdoor toys are designed to help children explore the boundaries of their imaginations and creativity , to make learning fun and help children be all they can be.

The site is structured by the range of products that are available to purchase.
· Climbing Frames
· Swing Sets
· Trampolines
· Playhouses
· Sandpits


7.5% commission is payable on all sales


There is a full set of banner creative and textlinks available through the links section of the interface. Banners will be regularly updated with new offers and messaging. Please do not hardcode ads on your site, however if you have to do this, please ensure that you check back on the ‘Links’ section of the interface to ensure that the banners that you are using are up to date, this will help to optimise your conversion rate.

Product Feed

There is a full product feed for Climbing Frames UK available through the interface. You can access the feed through the ‘Links’ section of the interface.


You can create links to any specific page on the Climbing Frames | Wooden Climbing Frames | Outdoor Play Equipment site using the ‘Deeplink Info’ function in the ‘Links’ section of the interface. Simply copy the URL from your browser and paste it into the Target URL field, add the anchor text that you would like to display and then copy the code from the ‘Deeplink Code’ field.

Voucher Code Policy

- Voucher sites must not include brand in any paid search activity eg. ‘Climbing Frames UK Discount Code’

- Voucher sites must not use click-to-reveal functionality

- Voucher sites must only promote codes that have been designated for affiliate use

We will keep you up to date with all of the most recent offers via email so make sure you are signed up to receive updates from the Climbing Frames UK team. If you have any ideas about how you could drive more sales on the Climbing Frames UK program and would like to discuss this with the team please get in touch.

We look forward to working with you,
The Climbing Frames UK Affiliate Team & TradeDoubler Response Team

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