A Q&A with SaleCycle – The Cart Recovery Specialists

posted by Adam Abdo - Publisher Development Manager11 Mar 2013

A Q&A with SaleCycle – The Cart Recovery Specialists

1.    SaleCycle, sounds like something in my old sales training manual – what do you guys do?

Ha! Well, we’re all about the sales-funnel – so I guess the name works! 

We help out clients to recover lost sales online by sending a personalised email to the consumer when they drop out of the website checkout or booking pages.  

2.    What do the numbers look like?

Firstly, let’s look at why we exist - Over the last 2 years we’ve seen abandonment rates grow across all channels/markets from 60% to nearly 75%. 

If we were talking a bricks and mortar retailer, that’s like 3 people out of 4 in your checkout queue, putting down their basket and walking out of the store!  Ouch.

However, by contacting these customers with the right message at the right time, the results are pretty staggering.  Here are the averages from January/February 2013 taken from 200 of our global clients:

  • 52% Open Rate
  • 21% Click Through
  • 35% Conversion
  • 6% Uplift in online revenue

In short, it works!

3.    What makes SaleCycle different from the other technologies out there?

Our clients and the results we generate for them, simple as that!

salecycle example screenshots

The world’s best-loved brands, like Sony, The Body Shop and OFFICE trust us to run their cart recovery strategy and continually innovate their programmes.

Many brands move away from an in-house strategy to work with us because they know they’ll get more bang for their buck (so to speak).

4.    You mentioned in-house technologies, what do you say to brands which already have a programme running?  

Well firstly we think it’s great that a brand has identified and started tackling the problem of cart abandonment.  That’s half the work done for us.  

The market is steadily moving away from viewing having an abandoned basket email as a merely a ‘checkbox’ to tick, but rather a genuine performance channel which can be heavily optimised.  That’s where we come in.

We’ve put together a handy little ‘tick-sheet’ for brands to compare their in-house campaigns to – check it out >>  

5.  Can you give us three top tips to successful cart recovery?

Of course:

1.  It’s all about timing:  Some brands achieve best results sending an email 20 minutes after the booking has been abandoned, some at 4 or 8 hours. Testing is everything.

2. Creative is Key: Strong brand messaging and good email creative is the key to getting customers back online and ready to buy.  No need to discount, just enforce the brand!

3.  We all need a nudge sometimes:  If customers don’t respond to the first email campaign then sending a 2nd Cycle email campaign 24 hours later will generate on average an additional 35% in campaign revenue.

We’ve just released the 7 Steps to Cart Recovery Success (http://www.salecycle.com/) that shares examples and techniques from some of the world’s leading brands. 

salescycle 7 steps guide

Well worth a read! Thanks Chris.

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Chris Sheen is Head of Marketing at SaleCycle. Please email him on chris.sheen@salecycle.com or give him a call on Tel: +44 (0) 208 433 6991

Get LinkedIn with Chris here >>

 For more information please contact me, Adam Abdo on adam.abdo@tradedoubler.com or give me a call on Tel: +44 (0)20 7798 6452

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