A look back at 2012...

posted by Marie Dalton - Head of European Marketing19 Dec 2012

2012 in review

I'm Marie Dalton, Project Manager at Tradedoubler. I am introducing this last TD blog of the year to take a look back at the year that's been……

So far this year we’ve seen

712 million clicks, 22 million sales, 3,049,740,299 impressions and  this doesn’t even take in to account the sales that are currently being driven as we speak and we close in on the Christmas delivery dates! We have also seen a 53% increase in the number of sales and 110% increase in the number of impressions.

Responsive & Collaborative

It has been a year of change and transformation for us, 2012 was the year the UK team had a massive shift in focus. We listened to the feedback of years past and worked hard this year to become your Choice of Network. We’ve gone back to basics to ensure we are listening and responsive with our client and publisher base. We’ve continued to build the Publisher Development Team and have restructured our client services teams to ensure that both our publishers and advertisers are being given the attention and focus they deserve.

In March, we launched the Zoo Project, our in house incubator which now houses 10 start-up businesses. Since launching the project we’ve had some incredible successes. It’s exciting, we get a real kick of watching them grow and celebrating their victories and wins. Many of you have collaborated with us on the project be it through an advertising partnership or as one of our industry ‘dragons’. It is this type of collaboration that we wanted for the Zoo. We’d like to thank those who have contributed this and would encourage anyone else who'd like to find out more about the residents or the Zoo to contact me on marie.dalton@tradedoubler.com.

Innovative & Insightful

Our next step after taking the lead in terms of supporting innovation in the industry was to offer in-sight into the trends that are shaping the performance marketing space.  We are all aware at the speed at which these consumer behaviours can impact our businesses. Mobile has been the buzz word for the past couple of years but 2012 was the year the UK reached the 50% smartphone penetration threshold. It is REAL now, people are purchasing and consuming on their smartphones more than ever before. Research we conducted revealed that 53% of smartphone users have bought something on their handsets other than an app and 27% buy every month. Throughout the course of the year we then delved further into the research by releasing two white papers titled How to use Mobile to your advantage and Mobile Devices & Behaviours.

 In September we held our Connect 2012: Adapt & Thrive Where Next for Performance Marketing.

This invite only day brought together key clients and partners to hear from industry experts providing thought provoking insight, exploring the trends that are really shaping the future of the industry. We heard from keynotes speakers giving insight into the Millennials. The millennials being, the generation who has never been, without, a mobile phone, the internet, technology etc.  They are a savvy consumer group and as marketers we need to be aware of how quickly this next generation will shape the trends and consumer behaviours of the future. This became even more evident when we then presented our mobile research and had a stimulating panel discussion which clearly displayed that M-Commerce is here to stay. We also looked at what’s next for publisher traffic, the evolving affiliate model and considerations when expanding from a local to a global marketplace.

2012 was also the year we launched a range of new products including ADT, our App Download Tracking, enabling advertisers to monitor their installed-app base; this type of tracking is the first of its kind from any UK affiliate network.

A Snapshot of 2012

  • In March we launched our Start-up incubator The Zoo Project supporting innovation & start-ups in the online marketing industry.

 Zoo Project Residents


  • We also held various events & affiliate days including our IAB Mobile event, our first official Fashion & Beauty event and our Travel Insights day  etc. 


  • Shortlisted for two NMA awards for Best Use of Affiliate Marketing for our work with Jessops & The Body Shop.


  • Launched ADT our App download tracking technology enabling advertisers to monitor their installed-app base with clear attribution of downloads to activity across our network, a first for any UK affiliate network.

  App Download Tracking

  • Attended European Barcelona expo as Gold sponsor where we launched Tradedoubler Mobile Commerce Research and presented : Making Money on the move: the evolution of m-commerce.’ The presentation explored the challenges and opportunities that mobile represents for the affiliate marketing model. The research also included the follow up white papers that can be downloaded here.


  • We held our event Connect 2012, bringing together over 280 invite only guests to explore the trends shaping the future of the performance marketing industry. For more info click here.

 Connect 2012



As you can see it’s been an incredibly busy year for us here at TD Towers!

Our plans for 2013 are to continue to be innovative and insightful, we look forward to bringing new products to market and opening up our to technology platform to new partners.  Alongside this, we will continue to bring you insights from the different verticals and ensure that we are listening and being responsive to our clients, publishers, agencies and partners.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you, all your family and friends, a peaceful and relaxing Christmas break.

From all of us here at Tradedoubler UK

 Take Care, Merry Christmas and bring on 2013!


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