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New Publisher Profile: Stuffster

posted by Julia Szuhay - Publisher Recruiter 17 Dec 2012

After a year of hard work, an exciting new publisher, Stuffster is launching today on Tradedoubler with a huge focus on the January sales. Visitors using the unique Stuffster online shopping tool can track all the products they want to buy in one central place and get alerts when the price drops to what they want to pay. Tomi, Stuffster's price fighting Ninja acts as a personal shopping assistant helping visitors organize their shopping and saving their money on the stuff they want to buy.
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Royal Design Launches with Tradedoubler

posted by Chetna Vadukul - Senior Account Manager17 Dec 2012

Royal Design Launches with Tradedoubler - Search for Program id: 223429 in your publisher account to apply to the program and start earning commission.
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Launch of Tesco Affiliate Hub!

posted by Verity Beard - Account Manager07 Dec 2012

In partnership with Fusepump, The Tesco affiliate program with Tradedoubler is pleased to announce the launch of the brand new Tesco Affiliate Hub on 6th December!
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Mobile device shapes a shopper’s path to purchase, Tradedoubler report shows

posted by Sarah Spencer - Network Comms Manager03 Dec 2012

We’re excited to launch the second in Tradedoubler's series of white papers on mobile commerce today. With this holiday season shaping up to be the biggest mobile-commerce event ever, brands and retailers need to make the most of the opportunity. A real understanding of how a shopper’s path to purchase is influenced by their specific device and operating system is vital to making the most of that opportunity, according to our research report 'Mobile Devices & Behaviour'. You can see the press release and download the full report here:
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Tradedoubler leaves its affiliate marketing competitors in its wake…on the foosball table!

posted by Marie Dalton - Head of European Marketing03 Dec 2012

Tradedoubler are proud winners of the 2012 Net Media Planet Foosball Championship trophy.
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