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Publishers – Win Big with this Summer!

posted by Ky Ismet - International Account Manager13 Jun 2013

The Summer Sale has now begun with up to 40% off until 20th August! To complement this sale are running a fantastic range of prizes for their affiliates during this period including £250 worth of vouchers. If you are new to you can get an introductory 7% CPA until the end of June if you join the program today! There really has never been a better time to promote award-winning affiliate program!
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Firefox 22 & Cookies

posted by Francis Cooney - Product Owner11 Jun 2013

Ever since Mozilla announced they would block third party cookies in version 22 of their Firefox web browser, the online advertising industry has been looking for solutions to limit the impact.
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Save a fantastic €75 on your a4uexpo Europe tickets courtesy of Tradedoubler!

posted by Sarah Spencer - Network Comms Manager07 Jun 2013

We are proud to announce our Platinum status sponsorship of the 5th annual a4uexpo Europe 2013, the largest pan European performance marketing event of its kind and this year in beautiful Amsterdam.
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Just Your Hotel launches on Tradedoubler!

posted by Connie Li - Advertiser Response Team Leader05 Jun 2013

To celebrate the launch on Tradedoubler the client is offering an exclusive voucher code, 5% off the price for all bookings made from the 1st of June to 30th of August!
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OnePiece Launches on Tradedoubler!

posted by Ella Justesen - Response Executive05 Jun 2013

OnePiece is the original onesie from Norway, and the brand that has been accredited of starting this global onesie phenomenon. Supported by One Direction, Ed Westwick, Bo Bruce, Perez Hilton to Justin Bieber, Tom Daley, Mario Balotelli, Robyn and tons of other celebrities and fashionistas, it is no doubt even that this combo of style and comfort has cached popular cultures attention.
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