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Tradedoubler Publisher Newsletter: Valentines & Travel Special

posted by Sarah Spencer - Network Comms Manager01 Feb 2013

Whether you need inspiration for your Valentines affiliate promotions or you just want to plug in Tradedoubler's top offers and new programs from the network this month this is for you...the newsletter also includes some healthy debate and all the latest news!
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Swagbucks Launches on Tradedoubler!

posted by Ella Justesen - Response Executive25 Jan 2013

Become an affiliate for Swagbucks and earn £2.19 per DOI registration! Apply to the program today through Tradedoubler!
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Top 10 Performance Marketing Technologies for 2013 – Part Three

posted by TradedoublerUK23 Jan 2013

Here is my final blogpost on which performance marketing technologies, trends and companies we should all be keeping an eye on over the coming year.
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Marketing’s ‘Best-Kept Secret’ is now out of the bag

posted by Dan Cohen - Regional Director22 Jan 2013

It’s a ground-breaking day for the Online Performance Marketing sector. The Internet Advertising Bureau UK ( IAB) and PWC have come together to prove that marketing’s ‘best-kept secret’ – performance marketing – is generating £11 of revenue for every £1 invested – contributing a massive £9bn in sales.
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Zoo Residents come together to collaborate on exciting new travel venture

posted by Marie Dalton - Head of European Marketing21 Jan 2013

Zoo Residents come together to develop exciting new travel site -
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