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January Publisher Newsletter

posted by Sarah Spencer - Network Comms Manager28 Jan 2014

Get your copy of the January Publisher Newsletter to see all the latest offers, news and updates from Tradedoubler.
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Online Performance Marketing – new study demonstrates its value

posted by Jane Turner - Marketing Director27 Jan 2014

Last week the IAB and PwC launched a new study that clearly demonstrates the benefits of performance marketing for advertisers: for every £1 spent on performance marketing an advertiser can expect to generate £14 in sales. In an environment where every advertising penny needs to count, this is proof indeed that sites offering price comparisons, cashback, loyalty, voucher codes and product reviews have a vital role to play in the digital marketing mix because of the clear value they deliver for advertisers.
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Best routes from

posted by Ariane Savvides - Marketing Executive17 Jan 2014

Starting from 2014 will provide their affiliates more detailed information on the best routes. Why are we doing this? Providing the best routes based on our customers search behavior and bookings will give affiliates more insight in the flight industry and therefore help them increase their conversion rate for
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The Zoo Project: Healthy Eating with StyleNest

posted by The Zoo Project 15 Jan 2014

We’re off to a healthy start at StyleNest this January. We’ve been working hard to round up the best healthy recipes, compiling sportswear edits and have been securing exclusive deals with a variety of detox brands. .
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No.1 Traveller Launches on Tradedoubler

posted by Ariane Savvides - Marketing Executive14 Jan 2014

No.1 Traveller offers the smarter way to catch your flight, award-winning airport lounges, airport bedrooms and fast track services are all designed to take the stress out of going to and through the airport. No.1 Traveller’s airport lounges, Travel Spas and bedrooms are available to all, meaning that you can gain access before they fly, whatever your airline or class of seat.
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