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Promote Peter Hahn and take advantage of higher commission!”

posted by Juliana Faustino - Account Manager27 Nov 2015

Dear Publisher, We are writing to notify you of an increase in commission, and to give your customers an extra incentive to purchase, we have a big autumn/winter sale starting on November 30rd!
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Travel sector: online consumer buying behaviour insights

24 Nov 2015


If you missed our Travel Connect event at the Ham Yard Hotel, London, here is a recap of the online consumer buying behaviour insights that were revealed, based on the analysis of Tradedoubler’s network data using its User Journey technology and insights from industry influencers, including speakers from Facebook, Somo, Captify and Venere Hotels.
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Technology solutions that create smarter results for digital marketers

06 Nov 2015


The digital marketing environment is changing rapidly. For many the main challenge is keeping up with the pace of change in a marketplace that is constantly evolving and fragmenting. Therefore, increasingly, the marketers who succeed will be the ones who can make sense of data and then harness it to optimise their digital marketing.
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Savoo rebrands as an online fundraising platform: search, save and raise

posted by Forida Begum - Senior Publisher Manager 05 Nov 2015


The voucher code and money-saving website, Savoo has rebranded as an online fundraising platform. Its mission: to enable consumers to search, save and raise.
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Black Friday 101 for Brands

posted by Amy Lucas - Account Director04 Nov 2015


The Christmas shopping period is big business for brands and publishers and the introduction of America’s post-Thanks Giving shopping holiday, Black Friday, is changing the dynamics of UK consumer holiday season shopping habits. Unlike the Americans who have the day off work to hit the shops, Brits are at their desks internet shopping. There are big opportunities for brands that are well prepared.
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