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The digital marketing environment – interview with Dan Cohen

posted by Dan Cohen - Regional Director08 Feb 2016


An interview with Dan Cohen, Regional Director, about the digital marketing environment, looking at factors affecting brands and opportunities for revenue growth. 1. How do companies today utilise and structure the vast amount of data circulating on the internet in today’s marketing? Over the past five years, companies have started using CRM systems effectively and the data within these systems has grown exponentially...
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Injecting intelligence into performance marketing

28 Jan 2016


Digital marketing is evolving at a rapid pace, so much so that marketers are struggling to keep up with the latest lingo, let alone best practices. While 2015 was all about big-data and programmatic, the performance marketing industry was accruing big-data long before it became a go to marketing buzzword. The problem with having all this data has been interoperating it in a meaningful way that provides digital marketers with actionable insights, namely because humans aren’t cut out for data manipulation on a large scale. Consequently, marketers have been collecting trillions of gigabytes of data without a clear idea of how they will harness these rows of numbers to improve marketing activities.
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Ixion College launches with Tradedoubler

posted by Juliana Faustino - Account Manager14 Jan 2016

Tradedoubler is pleased to announce the launch of the Ixion College affiliate program! Get 25% off all our accredited qualifications using Distance Learning; Access to Higher Education courses and NVQ/QCF Courses through
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Tradedoubler January Publisher Newsletter

posted by Sarah Spencer - Network Comms Manager13 Jan 2016

I’m pleased to provide you with a copy of the Tradedoubler January Publisher Newsletter. The newsletter is your one-stop-shop for all our top advertiser promotions and new program opportunities for Januay also covering things you may have missed last year.
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LiveChat launches on Tradedoubler

05 Jan 2016

LiveChat is the fastest way to reach customers. LiveChat is a real-time, live-chat software tool for e-commerce sales and support. It helps businesses to get in touch with their customers directly on their website. LiveChat fills in for phone calls, which are expensive and for e-mails, which tend to be slow.
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