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Derby House launches with Tradedoubler

posted by Juliana Faustino - Account Manager18 May 2015

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Derby House program on Tradedoubler network. Derby House is the UK's leading retailer of horse equipment with high quality and excellent level of customer service. Just until 30th June double CPA - 10%!
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The Mojito Product Launch with The Body Shop

posted by Amy Lucas - Account Director15 May 2015

The Body Shop hosted another successful product launch last night at The Westbury Hotel on Conduit Street. To go alongside a luxurious venue they introduced us to the luxurious Honey Bronze Range that will leave you with that sun kissed glow throughout the summer and the tagline “Smart girls fake it” which now more than ever rings true for everyone.
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Betty Barclay launches on Tradedoubler

posted by Juliana Faustino - Account Manager28 Jul 2014

Betty Barclay enjoys a very high level of brand awareness within the target group. You too can share in our constantly growing, loyal customer base. Take advantage of our strong brand!
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Armani UK - end of season SALE!

posted by Juliana Faustino - Account Manager16 Jun 2014

As of June 14th the Armani official store will start end of season sale in UK
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Summer Sale starts today at

posted by Juliana Faustino - Account Manager12 Jun 2014

Today we're celebrating the beginning of every fashionista's and style conscious men's favourite time of the year: Summer Sale!
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