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Demystifying Data: ADAPT in Action

posted by Francis Cooney - Product Owner20 Jul 2015

Data is at the heart of the modern marketer’s tool kit, but big data can result in an analysis nightmare! Gone are the days of analysing results post-campaign, to deliver optimal return on investment, campaigns need to be scrutinised and optimised in real-time.
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Tradedoubler launches new Global Capabilities to improve tracking speed, prevent lost sales, and save time and money

posted by Francis Cooney - Product Owner30 Mar 2015

According to research by Nielsen, half (47%) of visitors expect a website to load in less than two seconds, and 40% will leave if the loading process takes more than three seconds.
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Firefox 22 & Cookies

posted by Francis Cooney - Product Owner11 Jun 2013

Ever since Mozilla announced they would block third party cookies in version 22 of their Firefox web browser, the online advertising industry has been looking for solutions to limit the impact.
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