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Breaking the perpetual discounting habit

posted by Andrew Copeland - Network Director, North West27 Nov 2013

Retailers who join in with perpetual discounting to win consumer share can run the risk of decreasing their recommended retail price (RRP) in the long-term. For example, voucher code discounts drive sales volume but when offered to the consumer too often, they build-up an expectance of the brand and the discount benefit can become diluted. Instead, retailers need to delight their consumers with an intelligently thought out discount rather than encourage them to expect a discounted rate.
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Introducing the Tradedoubler Publisher Connect Program - Entries Open

posted by Andrew Copeland - Network Director, North West20 Nov 2013

Tradedoubler is pleased to announce the launch of the Publisher Connect Program. This initiative is being run alongside our current series of Connect events and in conjunction with our business incubator, The Zoo Project.
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Five ways to catch a brand's attention

posted by Andrew Copeland - Network Director, North West13 Sep 2012

Andrew Copeland, Network Director - North West at Tradedoubler, gives publishers some advice on how they can compete with the big guns for the top brands.
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