Deliver improved performance marketing results for your clients

Our unique approach to performance marketing provides agencies with more powerful opportunities: to generate sales and drive leads for clients, to deliver performance marketing’s secure ROI across digital platforms including desktop, mobile and apps, and to leverage Tradedoubler’s white-label technology platform to manage your clients’ performance networks.

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How our network delivers marketing ROI

Our performance network provides a highly effective channel for generating profitable sales and securing marketing ROI across a range of campaign objectives and payment models. We offer a powerful range of performance advertising formats, product feeds and targeting tools, all supported by in-depth reporting and optimisation-focused analysis.

Leveraging mobile opportunities throughout the path to purchase extends the power of performance networks to the mobile space, using a device that never leaves the consumer’s side, to maintain engagement and drive purchase intent. Innovative integrated ad formats such as voucher codes provide you with powerful calls-to-action to drive traffic and generate sales leads in the mobile space.

Optimise the performance of your private networks

We are unique amongst performance marketing networks in offering our technology platform as an advanced white label solution which you can use to manage your clients’ performance marketing programmes in house. 

Our platform supports the administration and management of all performance marketing activities as well as the tracking of other online channels such as email, search and display.  This enables you to map entire customer journeys across all channels, with real-time monitoring and reporting.

 Our industry-leading technology platform includes bespoke tracking, targeting and ad serving technology, and enables the management of performance marketing campaigns across your own private network whilst providing the option of integrating seamlessly with the scale and reach of Tradedoubler’s publisher network.


Omnicom Case study

Tradedoubler technology supports Omnicom’s award winning programme

Omnicom needed a trusted technology platform on which to: build its own private network; deliver a more direct relationship with publishers for its clients; and to create a competitive difference in the market.

Tradedoubler’s unique offer included a ‘white-label’ technology solution to enable Omnicom to develop and manage its own private network whilst also providing access as required to its public network to provide long-tail reach. The technology team worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth implementation and continues to provide technical support to the Omnicom team.

“The Tradedoubler Technology platform has helped Omnicom to take our clients’ programmes to the next level. We now have a direct relationship with key publishers, far greater strategic control, and are able to provide our advertisers with the very latest performance marketing technology”.

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Latest insights

Mobile shopping 2014

The rise of the omniconsumer

The boundaries between devices, between on and offline activities and between different sales channels are disappearing.  Marketers need to understand and adapt to this new landscape if they want to stay relevant and grow.  New research from Tradedoubler confirms that the greatest power and potential of mobile – particularly smartphones – lies in influencing and informing purchases that are made both on and offline.

For advertisers, a strong mobile presence is the passport to the customer conversation.  It’s the route to engagement, influence, loyalty and trust.  It’s a way of harnessing genuine buying interest through targeted offers and deals – right at the point of purchase.

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Why work with us

We are a leading international performance marketing company that delivers results through high quality traffic, technology and expertise.

Tradedoubler pioneered the concept of performance marketing in 1999 and we go further than any other network in sharing knowledge, connections and analysis to increase sales and grow your business. We are unique in offering our market leading technology platform as an in-house white-label solution to manage all performance marketing activity.

Our superior analytical capability and levels of service ensure that we can always deliver improved performance.