Drive traffic and ROI for clients more profitably

Our unique approach to performance marketing provides agencies with more powerful opportunities: to generate sales leads and drive traffic for clients, to deliver affiliate marketing’s secure ROI across digital platforms, and to leverage Tradedoubler’s bespoke affiliate technology across your own performance networks.

Deliver marketing ROI through our network

Our performance network provides a highly effective channel for generating profitable sales and securing marketing ROI across a range of campaign objectives and payment models. We offer a powerful range of affiliate advertising formats, product feeds and targeting tools, all backed by rigorous reporting and analysis.

Leverage mobile affiliate opportunities throughout the path to purchase

Extend the power of affiliate performance networks to the mobile space, using a device that never leaves the consumer’s side to maintain engagement and drive purchase intent right up to the point of purchase. Innovative integrated ad formats such as voucher codes provide you with powerful calls-to-action to drive traffic and generate sales leads in the mobile space.

Take our affiliate platform in-house, as a white-label solution for clients

Run your own performance networks using Tradedoubler’s industry-leading performance marketing technology as an in-house, white-label solution. You’ll be able to manage publisher relationships for all campaigns that you run on our affiliate network, and you can use our unified tracking tools and smart, self-optimising technology across your own private performance networks as well.

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