Performance Marketing: From first impression to last click

Europe’s consumers are increasingly turning to Performance Marketing channels throughout their entire purchase journey, using them for product research as well as purchase across a range of categories.  These are the findings of the latest eight-country study from the Tradedoubler Insight Unit.  

Performance Marketing sites, which are typically associated with CPA payment models such as loyalty/reward, price comparison and cashback, are traditionally thought to influence only the final phase of a sale.  However, the Tradedoubler survey found that 92% of Europe’s online consumers use these sites in the early phases of researching purchases.  This means that brands without a Performance Marketing presence risk being locked out of a consumer’s consideration set at an early stage.

Smartphones have become the preferred device for researching purchases in multiple locations, including the home and while out shopping.  This further disruption of the traditional purchase journey enables shoppers who visit physical stores to use Performance channels on their mobile to search for better prices.  Completing the purchase elsewhere, following mobile research while out shopping, is becoming increasingly normal for savvy shoppers who are looking for the best deal.

This whitepaper is an essential read for marketers - it provides a revealing snapshot of how consumer buying behaviour has been disrupted by Performance Marketing channels and widespread smartphone use.  It will provide marketers with insights into the defensive and offensive strategies that they need to consider if they are to remain relevant in the multichannel purchase journey.  

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