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skrevet av Øivind Brunsell - Head of Client Services11 apr 2014

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As some of you may be aware there have been reports in the media about a global security bug affecting most of the internet. This bug affects approximately 2/3rd of the internet including Yahoo, facebook and Google. BBC reported on this yesterday, for more information click here 

In response to this Tradedoubler has taken action and assures all publishers partners and advertisers that your data is protected. In the interest of proactively protecting client data we are asking all users to reset their passwords.

Q:  Is my data now safe?

A: Tradedobuler installed the security patch as soon as we received it. 

Q:  Is this problem unique to Tradedoubler?

A:  No. This security exploit is two years old and affects 2/3rd of the internet.  It is a bug with OpenSSL.

Q:  What happens if data was stolen before the security patch was installed?

A:  This is unlikely, but to close the loop on this we asking that all users reset their passwords.

Q: What could be affected by this bug?

A:  The main threat is around usernames and passwords.  This includes your banking, social media and email passwords.

Q: Who do I contact?

A: If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Chief Data Officer Jeff Johnston: jeff.johnston@tradedoubler.com

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