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We have thousands of satisfied customers spread across over 40 countries and here you’ll find a selection of the most interesting.  Discover how other advertisers in many different industries have driven outstanding success with us and gain new, useful insights for your very own Tradedoubler success story.

Interflora - App tracking capabilities prompt more to say it with flowers 
Interflora looked to maximise the potential of its mobile channel to drive last-minute orders and increase incremental sales around key occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Tradedoubler designed a multi-channel mobile performance marketing solution that drove orders through Interflora’s mobile site whilst incentivising publishers for delivering app downloads and subsequent in-app orders. The result was an impressive 40% increase in sales through app downloads
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Ladbrokes – Developing Publisher partnerships to keep ahead of the game 
Ladbrokes needed to drive increased value from its programmes whilst developing innovative new publisher partnerships. Restructuring the standard CPA payment model, Tradedoubler introduced a revenue sharing model, enabling publishers to be rewarded on the lifetime value of the players they delivered. In turn, the new model was actively promoted among new publishing partners, resulting in increasing Ladbrokes’ reach across lifestyle, auto, fashion and fitness sites and exploring innovative mobile and in-store solutions.
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ACHICA - Cutting-edge combination turns heads for luxury store 
ACHICA required an effective acquisition channel to help build its membership and drive sales, whilst reinforcing its upmarket brand positioning. Through Tradedoubler’s Private Network, ACHICA could manage top tier publishers directly, whilst the Public Network provided the opportunity to increase reach and brand awareness, whilst also helping to identify valuable partners and drive order value through tailored incentives. Tradedoubler increased ACHICA’s publisher base by 45%, delivering year-on-year increases in all key metrics: sales, order value and leads.
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SEAT Pagine Gialle- Tailored approach proves perfect fit
In 2011, Seat PG began working with Tradedoubler’s premium ad network in Italy, to increase awareness for Pagine Gialle (yellow pages targeting consumers) and drive traffic to the site. Tradedoubler worked closely with the premium publishers on its Italian ad network to ensure prominent positions for Pagine Gialle ads and ensure strong click-through rates backed by a Cost-per-Click (CPC) model. 
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Jackpotjoy - Playing new game delivers big wins
Needing to increase new active player numbers, Jackpotjoy requested Tradedoubler to review their publisher programme.  After a thorough review, Tradedoubler was able to remove inactive publishers and introduced a new remuneration model that combined elements of CPA with the revenue share approach, which allowed publishers to be rewarded on a tiered commission based on the quality of their players. The evolution of Jackpotjoy programmes dramatically increased publisher engagement, increasing the number of new players and order value. 
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Pharos Reizen - Paid search means lots more for the road
Pharos Reizen, a Netherlands-based online travel agency, specialises in car tours and self-drive holidays in Europe.  To help increase visibility in search results as well as driving traffic volume, Tradedoubler ran a targeted PPC campaign to deliver significant increases in sales. The PPC campaign resulted in a sales increase of 119% year-on-year for the first five months of the campaign
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Tesco – Multi-channel innovation drives value
Tesco looked to diversify their performance marketing activities across new platforms and publishers. Tradedoubler delivered a multi-channel performance strategy which deepened Tesco’s relationship with its publishers and delivered continuous improvements in order value and ROI.
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Vodafone Logo 
Vodafone – Multiplying sales through retargeting
Vodafone needed to increase their conversion rate while lowering their cost of conversions for improved ROI. A retargeting program powered by the Tradedoubler technology platform Container Tag solution was developed based on the performance marketing approach. This allowed Tradedoubler to increase monthly performance marketing sales by 400% whilst significantly reducing the cost per conversion. 
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After a rebrand, aimed to streamline their customer journey across markets. Tradedoubler brought together offline, online and mobile channels to drive the launch of new branding, streamline the customer journey and deliver increased revenue across 17 markets. 
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British Gas – Optimize lead quality and conversion rate
Sourcing qualified leads is essential to British Gas Business’ performance. Using Tradedoubler’s publisher network, British Gas Business was able to pre-qualify leads by targeting publisher opportunities more closely and optimise the lead funnel through targeted display and email retargeting channels.
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Dress for Less – International performance marketing
To drive their multi-country performance marketing, Dress for Less required a localised marketing solution. Providing efficient central control and local market knowledge, Tradedoubler adapted marketing programs to each market in order to increase traffic and conversions while establishing brand awareness.
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Fashionable connections make performance marketing a must-have
Boozt needed to increase its brand awareness and revenue across the Nordic region. Tradedoubler recruited influential fashion bloggers and created exclusive partnerships with leading loyalty sites and price comparison sites in order to build a diverse network of publishers which could drive higher-quality traffic. As a direct result, sales have nearly increased 200% and order value has increased across all Nordic market.
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