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International opportunities

Tradedoubler is a leading international performance marketing partner for over 2,000 global brands and 180,000 international publishers. We have offices in nine European countries and in 2016 we opened an office in Singapore to expand our business to the developing Asian e-commerce market. We are often able to offer the opportunity to work internationally – here are the experiences of some of our employees who have worked for Tradedoubler in different countries.

  • Alejandra Sansegundo worked in the Madrid office for three years before moving to our Paris offices.

    I started to work for Tradedoubler about three years ago and back then I had no idea what it would be like. It is great to be part of such a big family here. There is a very positive environment and you are always encouraged to take up new opportunities. This has been my case as I moved from the Madrid office to the Paris one to continue working for TD CONNECT, our technology department. This new experience is enriching on both personal and professional levels. Living in the city of light is an amazing experience in itself but even better is the way have been welcomed by the team from day one.
    I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this new endeavour, incorporating knowledge from a different market, and benefiting from the cultural exchange. Tradedoubler is a company that knows well how to adapt to changing circumstances but yet it is also open to empowering its own staff with fresh and exciting challenges. Be the change! Be the change you want to be!

    Alejandra Sansegundo - Senior Client Development Manager Technology
  • Mark Turner was offered the opportunity to open up an office in Singapore, after working in London for four years.  

    Having worked for Tradedoubler for 4 years I recently made the decision to move to Singapore with the company to build the business across the Asia Pacific region.

    During my time at Tradedoubler I have worked on several different teams (Marketing, International Clients Services, UK Client Services etc) which have given me invaluable experience and helped me develop a very broad understanding of our business as a whole and the complex and evolving industry we find ourselves in.

    The decision to move abroad and start operations across a new continent is an extremely exciting opportunity for the company and myself. The unfaltering support from colleagues in the UK and European markets has been fantastic during this challenging period and is testament to the culture that Tradedoubler purveys across its employees.

    Working closely with the Incubator Team has given me a fascinating insight into the vision of this company and is a pleasure to work alongside some of the brightest minds in Tradedoubler. I have no doubt the strategy we have realised over the last 2 years will take us from strength to strength.

    Mark Turner - Business Development Director
  • Charlotte Vermeer worked in Telford for two years. A new role was created in the Netherlands office and Charlotte was offered the opportunity to move to our Netherlands office.  

    In September 2014 I started working at Tradedoubler in the Telford office as an account executive for the Dutch/Belgian team. I had just moved to Birmingham the week previously and knew as much (or as little) about the country and the city that I moved to as about affiliate marketing. But the people in the office were very welcoming and with the many trainings that were given I learned a huge amount in little time.

    After about a year I felt very confident in my role and wanted something more challenging, that is when I applied for the newly created Business Development Manager role in the Central Client Service team (now the Client Management Team). A few other team members and I went through the application process where we had to give two presentations about our goals for this role and how we would go about reaching them. I was very glad that I was picked to get the role and I started quickly (October 2015) with all the projects I had in mind. During about four months I was working on a number of international CCS clients to see how we could develop the programs, open new markets, sell solutions. I also trained the team on our new solutions and I started to set up a few new processes and tools for the team to become more internationally minded.

    In February 2016 a Client Development Manager position became available in the local Dutch office in Rotterdam. I inquired after it and it seemed that I would be very suited for that role. So I had the choice either to stay in Telford or to go back to my own country. Since I had already lived abroad for seven years it felt like it was the right time for me to go back to the Netherlands, plus the role would be for key clients which thought would be very interesting.

    So from the end of February this year I started working on a few clients from my local portfolio and halfway through April I made the definite move to Rotterdam. Working in the Rotterdam team has been a blast from day one. The colleagues are pure gold and the work is interesting, challenging and fulfilling. I have a very diverse portfolio with clients from The Netherlands and Belgium such as Landal GreenParks, Media Markt in the Netherlands and Belgium, Wehkamp, Carrefour. Next to working on my portfolio I support our sales team with client pitches and I am the local TD ENGAGE champion which gives me another project to work on.

    It has been a very interesting two years with Tradedoubler. I have learned a great deal about our business (am still learning every day) and I have been able to move countries, which isn’t always possible. For now I am very happy to be in the Rotterdam office but who knows what other challenges lie ahead!

    Charlotte Vermeer - Client Development Manager