The Zoo Project - FAQ

What is the recruitment process?
The first round of applications have been assessed. New dates for the second round of applications will be announced in the coming weeks. We will be assessing applications from the opening date up until the closing date.

Will I receive any feedback to my application?
We will be in touch with all parties once applications have been received to confirm receipt of your completed entry. Once your application has been reviewed, we will notify you as to whether you have been successful and are more than happy to provide feedback if requested.

Will there be a face-to-face interview if I’m successful?
If you’re application is successful, you will be invited to meet with The Zoo’s panel of Dragons to outline your business plan, strategy, ideas and future aspirations. It gives all parties a real opportunity to meet on a more personal setting and further understand your passion for your business.

What if I don’t have a Business Plan? Can I still apply to be a Zoo resident?
Yes! At the end of the day you just need a good idea and be ready and motivated to make it work. Please still feel free to complete an application giving as much detail as possible, we will still review your entry.

How can I be sure that I have confidentiality in place when submitting my business idea or plan?
The Non-Disclosure agreement that is part of the application process covers both parties. TradeDoubler agrees to keep all information confidential, and expects the same from all successful applicants.

What if my business is up and running and making a small profit, can I still apply to be a Zoo resident?
Yes! You can still enter your business plan and provide details of your business to potentially benefit from the raft of resources offered in The Zoo.

How much does it cost?
Nothing! If you are accepted to be a Zoo resident you will be given access to the central London office space, networks and mentoring all free of charge for one year.

Will I get one-to-one mentoring with the Dragons?
Each company will benefit from the experience of the industry Dragons and subject to availability, will be able to discuss their business plans, strategies and ideas with the Dragons who will provide an open dialogue and feedback.

What happens after my first year?
TradeDoubler will assess this on a case-by-case basis. If we believe your start-up could still benefit from being part of The Zoo we may decide to extend your residency.

What are the opening times?
The Zoo Project will open its doors from Monday to Friday 8am -6pm.

Do you have meeting rooms available?
Yes, we have rooms available for you to book for both internal and external meetings.

How do I connect with other businesses?
The Zoo Project will provide you with a network of like-minded people you will be working alongside, and is perhaps the biggest draw card to being a Zoo resident. You are free to make connections with other residents and share whatever information you chose to.


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