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Sixpad launches on Tradedoubler

SIXPAD is a revolutionary training gear. It is produced with world class EMS research, MTG’s exclusive high-end technology and the training theory of the world’s greatest footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. SIXPAD has already become a trustworthy and reputable brand in Japan, with high popularity.

By joining the SIXPAD affiliate program you will not only gain a share but also contribute to the company’s growth. Not to mention, you earn up to 8% commission on every sale your users generate! The product not only features the latest technology but also a public endorsement by Cristiano Ronaldo. Both the orders and your potential income through this programme are rapidly increasing every day.
SIXPAD offers two different products to deliver the most efficient workout of your targeted body area.

Commission: 8%

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What are the benefits of becoming a SIXPAD affiliate?

  • High average order value (approx. £250) meaning high commission rewards.
  • Interesting consumer promotions and campaigns.
  • Full support to help you to boost and develop your activity.

About EMS?
EMS is a technology that uses electronic stimulation to directly transmit signals to the muscles and induce exercise. MTG Co., Ltd., an innovative Japanese manufacturer, implemented an effective 20Hz frequency to minimize the characteristic tingling generated by low frequencies and created a product that applies its newly developed, proprietary waveform. Moreover, by combining the training theory of the world number one football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, MTG introduced its “CMM Pulse” core technology.

SIXPAD is cordless, easy to attach and ready to operate at a single touch for comfortable EMS training. With SIXPAD, you can tone and firm your muscles with a 23-minute, once-a-day training program. What’s more, the wearable technology can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes, allowing you to wear it at home or at work, or even while reading or doing chores.
With a comfortable, yet sleek design made possible with super flexible silicone, SIXPAD contours to the body like a second layer of skin and its silk-printed electrodes ensure efficient electrical muscle stimulation.

Apply now and start earning today!