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Shaw Academy launches on Tradedoubler

About Shaw Academy
The Shaw Academy is an education technology company and the largest online live educator in the world. The goal of the Shaw Academy is that everyone anywhere in the world has a right to access high quality education and that equal opportunity is given to empower individuals to learn new skills and change their lives. Every month over 71,000 new students take Shaw Academy courses across seven languages. Courses are developed in line with both industry and academic demand and focus on short term skills gaps. Headquartered in Dublin employing over 120 people the Shaw Academy also has offices in the UK, USA, Germany and India.

Industry professionals design the content and delivery of each certified subject. A major emphasis is put on the live learning experience that takes place over the course of a four-week module. All content is delivered live online. We are not a library, we teach, and therefore achieve significantly higher levels of completion and satisfaction and most importantly our students leave with demonstrable skills. Our students can and do interact with the educator and results in very high course completion rates (63%) which is well above the industry standard (8%). The live environment allows Shaw Academy to learn as well, and we constantly review our content and the student experience to ensure that each course is better than the last. We track areas that students are having difficulty with or where attention levels drop during a module. This ensures that each minute of each course is engaging and relevant.
All basic programs contain ten live modules, with recorded sessions available. Students can avail of real time phone, email and chat support. This enables our students to attain the basic skills required to become a practitioner in their desired subject.
Our Courses are accredited by the NCFE, an OfQual regulated entity and the CPD Association, but our philosophy is to deliver value to our students and their employers, and we value their feedback more highly than any awards and accreditations.

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