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Cross Device Tracking – Accurate tracking in a multi-device world

Consumer shopping habits make it hard to track sales. There’s no avoiding the fact that the consumer purchase journey involves multiple devices. On average, two out of five purchases that finish on either a mobile, desktop/ laptop, or tablet, start on a different device. A quarter of European consumers have made a purchase on their…

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Cross Device Tracking – Probabilistic versus deterministic matching

Consumers have more devices and switch between these screens when making a purchase more frequently than ever before. To accurately report what channel and device a sale closed on we need to be able to track online purchase journeys that occur on multiple devices. Probabilistic and deterministic matching are two different ways to pair a user with their digital devices and track online purchase behaviour.

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Digital Connections research whitepaper

Finding new customers is a challenge for digital marketers The online marketing landscape has grown rapidly into a complex, fragmented and confusing ecosystem – with different platforms and solutions trying to reach consumers whose behaviour is equally complex, fragmented and confusing. Every day, this landscape becomes harder for marketers to navigate. In its Digital Connections survey, Tradedoubler explores the online shopping behaviour…

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Digital Connections study infographic

The route to your next customer We surveyed 4,493 European consumers in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland and uncovered the challenges digital marketers face when trying to identify and reach both current and new customers online. Download our Digital Connections whitepaper.

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Helping digital marketers succeed by creating smarter results

Why we exist We help digital marketers succeed by creating smarter results. How do we do this? We cut through the complexity of the digital eco-system and unleash its full potential. We do this using our market-leading technology, data-driven insights and unrivalled expertise.We create smarter results that help marketers succeed. What we do Insight: It…

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