Air Fast Tickets launches on Tradedoubler

posted by Juliana Faustino - Account Manager10 Apr 2014

We are delighted to announce that Air Fast Tickets UK has now launched on Tradedoubler!Join Airfasttickets Affiliate Program now. Airfasttickets offers great deals across its product range of flights, hotels and car hire with value for money.

Airfasttickets is a fast growing online travel agency with a presence in USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Russia and Turkey. By joining the Airfasttickets Affiliate Program you will be able to earn between £5 and £10 CPA on every sale you generate. This program offers you the opportunity to generate income due to the nature of high demand of our products and our increasing brand awareness.

Airfasttickets product range:
Flights, Hotels, Cars and Flights+Hotels

Our offer:
Hotel 10£
Longhaul 7£
Shorthaoul 5£
Why should you become an Airfasttickets Affiliate?
Our competitive pricing policy together with an innovated accompanying marketing strategy allow you to generate a large number of transactions, supported by our fast evolving brand. To make your life less of a challenge we supply you with automated reports of your performance monitoring.

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