Evolving the affiliate model for today’s clients

Over the past several years we’ve noticed significant changes in the affiliate model which has largely been  derived out of the USA. This is driven by the maturity of the agencies and direct clients who are constantly evolving in line with their customer’s demands.  This maturity and understanding of the market has driven the agencies and large clients to bring some of their key partnerships in house as a strategic decision in order to increase the working relationships and enabling a greater sense of control across the board.

Within Tradedoubler we’re beginning to see this take effect in our more mature European markets, with a focus on partnership development and continuation of growth in the performance marketing channel.Michael will be discussing the changing landscape and how this will shape the European landscape moving forward.

Michael Brandy,  Head of Technology UK & Ireland, Tradedoubler

Having worked in Online Marketing for seven years, Michael has spent his career working closely with Affiliates.  Michael began working for Valueclick in 2005 as a Publisher Account Manager and then working on Publisher Business Development.  From there, he worked for Submission Technology assisting their continued development on their Pay-Per-Performance network and helping to launch their Co-registration platform.

Since January 2010, Michael joined Tradedoubler as a Senior Agency manager and has worked with some of the UK’s key agencies, from there he went on to become an Account Director.  In June, Michael moved over to become Head of Technology for UK & Ireland.