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How much are online influencers worth to your brand?

gepostet von Jeff Johnston - VP of Product Management01 Feb 2016


Omnichannel marketing is on every CMO’s radar. Based on our network data, almost 50 per cent of online consumer purchase journeys are mutli-channel and 20 to 40 per cent involve multiple websites. It’s more important than ever to have a joined up approach and an understanding of how your customers interact with your brand across channels, while bearing in mind they aren’t differentiating between channels during the experience. The digital marketer’s job is to understand this behaviour and optimise marketing activities to increase sales.
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Injecting intelligence into performance marketing

28 Jän 2016


Digital marketing is evolving at a rapid pace, so much so that marketers are struggling to keep up with the latest lingo, let alone best practices. While 2015 was all about big-data and programmatic, the performance marketing industry was accruing big-data long before it became a go to marketing buzzword. The problem with having all this data has been interoperating it in a meaningful way that provides digital marketers with actionable insights, namely because humans aren’t cut out for data manipulation on a large scale. Consequently, marketers have been collecting trillions of gigabytes of data without a clear idea of how they will harness these rows of numbers to improve marketing activities.
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Click-to-buy technology makes editorial images shop-able!

26 Jän 2016


As a consumer, you see something online, you like it, you want to buy it… but where did that fashion blogger get that bag? Images are powerful, worth a 1000 words (so they say). So if images could directly translate into sales in a measurable manner, bloggers would be in the money! It turns out that images are worth a lot more than words, now they’re worth cash, Benjamin’s, moolah, bucks…
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Kate Thornton's celeb powered website, T.B Seen brings cashback to an army of new female users

25 Jän 2016


We have a huge mix of publishers, including cashback websites, but this one is a little different... Kate Thornton's new venture, T.B Seen combines celebrity content contributors, including Myleene Klass, Lisa Faulkner and Denise Van Outen, and cashback from UK women's favourite brands. Typically a demographic that is under represented in the cashback sector, women over the age of 30 with disposable income now have a destination for cashback deals packaged up in engaging content. We spoke to Kate Thornton to find out more.
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Ixion College launches with Tradedoubler

gepostet von Juliana Faustino - Account Manager14 Jän 2016

Tradedoubler is pleased to announce the launch of the Ixion College affiliate program! Get 25% off all our accredited qualifications using Distance Learning; Access to Higher Education courses and NVQ/QCF Courses through
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